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vrijdag 4 september 2009

JEN'S challenge week 36, friday 4th of september '09> My dream....

This week I had some thoughts about my dream(s)....
I really dream of going to Arnemuiden and hug Riet, take her out for lunch, talk and talk a lot with her, going to Spijkenisse with her and spoil her with attention, friendship and all the goodies, she likes.
I dream of my friend being cancer-free! If I had some magic.....!!!!!I would take away her illness!
I dream of going to Canada and stay a couple of weeks at Marjolein and Henk.....
Zippin'a Friese Beerenburger with Henk, singing out loud in their basement and scrap my heart out with Marjo!
I dream....
My goodness.....
I really have a lot of dreams!
I really have to stop right now....
Well...I hope you have dreams, too, because what is a person without beautiful dreams?
Have a nice evening,

love to all my friends all over the world,

4 opmerkingen:

a portland granny zei

Jenny, denk ik hoop en de dromen zijn prachtig. U houdt dromend. Op dit ogenblik I' m droomt dat dat ik het Nederlands kan spreken. Kwam het uit recht??? De dromen komen waar!!


stieneke zei

He Jenny,
Wat heerlijk dat we kunnen dromen,soms komen ze uit. We blijven lekker door Stieneke.

scrappy jen d zei


Are you learning DUTCH?
It's almost perfect!
I love this! Good job, girl!

I'm is ik in Dutch, okay?
But it's so lovely! Thank you!
En ja...Stieneke....laten we vooral blijven dromen, want een mens zonder dromen is een mens zonder toekomst....
Liefs, Jen.

a portland granny zei

Jenny- I wrote it in English on a website that will change it to any language--I just did it to joke with you. No, I'm too old to learn another langusge--I can hardly remember my own!!

Just having a little fun!!