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zondag 31 augustus 2008

Sunday, 31 august 2008: CliniClowns Theatertour.

Today we had an early start, cause we had to be on time in Leeuwarden for the CliniClowns Theatertour!
It is alway's so much fun and we all enjoy this very, VERY MUCH!
It's an honour to get an invitation for this special Tour and it's only for very ill and retarded children and their family's.
I am so very grateful to all the people who work so hard to get the BEST out of our children!

zaterdag 30 augustus 2008

A wonderful Birthday-Scrap-Party for wonderful kids!

The girls ( 8 turned up at the biggest SCRAP-
PARTY ever....) had a lot of FUN!
They ate and scrapped their little HEARTS out and they all are such a good team!
Just like I told them some time ago when they were in my classroom and being their teacher!
I like these girls so much!
They are happy, bright and very much FUN to be with!

Thank YOU all, sweeties! I had a wonderful
saturday and I hope U all will remember this day
A big hug from your 'old teach'Jen, alias ....................Scrappy Jen D.

Birthday-scrapparty for Kirsten!

This saturday we have a Birthday-scrapparty for Kirsten.
Her present is allready at the scrap-attic! Also all the sweet are ready to be eaten by 9 (!) happy, young girls!
I made these 9 books for the ladies, so they can scrap their little hearts out!
We are going to stamp, to do nice things with the cuttle bug......
It will be great FUN!
The sun is out and it will be a warm day!
So....We have a picnic as well, so the girls do get some fresh air!
I will keep you informed about this party!
Have a wonderful saturday wherever you may be!
Hug, Jen.

vrijdag 29 augustus 2008


I was very impressed by the way some of you made your home so very good looking by using material and laces and other goodies.....
Before I got married I was in charge of it all, but after I had another person to deal with...And he did not like this style at all....
Too bad....But...After 16 years of marriage, I started to let some of the BROCANTE and ROMANTIS things in to my living room again....
Thanks Elly! You showed me the way again!
I am soooOOO very happy with it all!
Pimped a little wooden box with some very romantic papers and ink!

Paper Challenge '08> Operation 35: START!

Elise had some things to think about this week!
It was all about the new start in your life!
How it is impossible?
Seems like she can read my mind.............................................................................................................................................................

maandag 25 augustus 2008


Some time ago I was telling you all, that I was accepted in a real DESIGN TEAM!
I had to make four things: 3 LO's and a mini-book using a new CREALIES-SCRAPLINE MAL, a CREALIES-DOODLE MAL and a MAL FOR A MINI-BOOK!
It was such a wonderful job to do and I was so happy that Annelies approved my work!
Now she put the members of her DT on her site.You can look it up at:

You go to the DESIGN TEAM, click on this and our work will be there!
So, I mentioned, I had to work with the new CREALIES-SCRAPLINE- and DOODLES MAL's.
I will give you a little look later, but it was nice to do and I must say....
The CREALIES -DOODLE- and SCRAPLINE MAL's are really very nice to work with!
They come on very HANDY, they are light (so you can take them wtih you all the time!), they are easy to clean.......

Short to go: GOOD STUFF!
I am very happy with them!
I may keep them, so they will be very nice to use in the classes!

Wich- by the way- I am going to start up again!
Had so many planns, but with the nose of Björn in and between................................................
Well, girls?
Shall we start in september?
Wednesday and Thurday-evenings?
From 20.00 - 22.00?
Just let me know! I'll be there!
And for my faithful girls I have a little surprise!
Same place, same price> 5 lessons for 60 euro, inclusive tea/coffee and some goodies......
Have a nice day,

Hallo allemaal,
Ook nog maar even in het Nederlands.....
Enige tijd geleden vertelde ik jullie vol trots, dat ik was aangenomen bij CREALIES! Annelies van CREALIES ontwerpt alles zo'n beetje zelf en ze wilde dus graag haar eigen Design Team.
Toen ik dat las, heb ik werk opgestuurd en werd dus toe gelaten!
Helemaal goed, dus!
Toen kwamen de opdrachten: ik kreeg leuke mallen opgestuurd met de vraag> Kun je hier even drie leuke LO's en een BOEKJE mee maken?

Het was zooooooooOO LEUK om ermee te werken.
Normaal gesproken maak je geen LO's met mallen, maar dit is gewoon LEUK!
Een uitdaging, want je wilt natuurlijk zoveel mogelijk nieuwe dingen met zo'n mal doen!
En weten jullie wat nou zo leuk is?
De NIEUWE SPULLEN, waar ik mee mocht werken, zijn ook te zien in het nieuwe SCRAPBOOK MAGAZINE (waar Jeanet, Marije en Tamara oa. werken!), op blz. 16 en 17!
GEWELDIG! Een hele eer om met zulke mooie, handige en inspirerendespullen te mogen werken!

Je kunt CREALIES vinden op:

Dan klik je op het DESIGNTEAM en dan kun je het werk van ons vijfjes zien!
Ik ben dus best wel een beetje trots om in zo'n goed DT te zitten, want ook Ans is een goede bekende en een goede scrapster!
We hebben er al heel wat uurtjes scrappen op zitten, he Tineke en Ans?
Je kunt die handige MALLEN dus gewoon bij CREALIES bestellen!
Het is de MOEITE waard, dus kijk, als je tijd hebt even op:
Ook voor kaartenmaaksters hebben ze veel leuke mallen!
Het leuke is, dat ik de nieuwste MALLEN mocht houden! De cursisten kunnen ze in het echt bewonderen! Ze zijn echt waar HEEL erg HANDIG! Makkelijk schoon te maken! Echt TOPPIE!!
Nu we het over cursisten hebben?????
Ik had zo veel plannen.....Ik had zo veel willen doen......Een gezellig scrap-tuin-party met wat lekkkers op de bbq........ neus van Björn gooide roet in het eten!
BALEN was wel een beetje, maar goed.....
Gelukkig begrepen jullie het allemaal wel en hebben jullie ons getroost en gesteund met lieve gesprekken, telefoontjes, e-mails, blogberichtjes en lieve, mooie kaarten, waarvoor WIJ IEDEREEN HEEL ERG WILLEN DANKEN!!
Het gaat goed met onze zoon...Het leven gaat weer verder en ik stap weer "in de TREIN"........
We gaan er weer voor!

Dezelfde plaats, dezelfde tijd (20.00-22.00 uur) en dezelfde aantallen: 5 lessen voor 60 euro's met thee/koffie en iets lekkers......
En voor mijn trouwe meiden heb ik een kleine verrassing!
Zo......geef je op voor de woensdag- of donderdagavond!
Wacht niet te lang, want ik wil maar 6 op een avond! Zodat iedereen aandacht krijgt!
Hoop jullie allemaal weer te zien!
De data zijn:
Woensdag, 10-09
" , 24-09
" , 08-10
" , 22-10
" , 05-11
De donderdagen zijn dan: 11-09/ 25-09/ 09-10/ 23-10 en 06-11 2008.
Dus dames!
Weer in de benen met het scrappen!
We gaan weer mooie dingen maken!
Tot gauw,
heel veel scrap-groetjes,

zondag 24 augustus 2008

What's for din-din? SUSHI!

Long time ago my relatives took me out in Portland to a Sushi-restaurant.
I was young, real Dutch & NEVER HEARD OF SUSHI!!!!
Allright...we eat herring with onions, but SUSHI???
So...I must say...I lost my heart right away!
I started to make it myself, because at first I could NOT buy it here.
Now and then it's available, but soooOOOO EXPENSIVE!
That is why I make it myself and with the help of the KIKKOMAN goodies.....It works out fine!
The SUSHI plates are from CRATE & BARREL> I think you can look at:
They have GREAT kitchenery stuff in The States.
We all had a wonderful and tasty din-din with the Sushi, the wasabi, the soy sauce and the fresh ginger!
Sweet dreams and till monday,
Love, Jen.

Card lifting.....

My sis Marjolein gave me this beautiful card (the blue one with birdy) when I visited her in Leeuwarden on the 6 th of august when we had her Party at De Duif.
I am such a bad card-maker, so I lifted her pretty one and did it my way....
The tiny owl is a stamp on mica.
Hope you like it, Marjo!

Birthday-box for Björn.

This little box "Sparkles & Wishes, Hopes & Dreams"did make me think of Björn right away!
Hopes & Dreams? Yes, we did have them for Björn, but those we wanted for him....We let them go.....Now we HOPE that he is very, VERY HAPPY here at home and our DREAM is that he will BE WITH US for long TIMES......
Sparkles & Wishes....Yes..We have enough of those!
I want to make al little round Birthday-Book in the box for Björn.

Just love stamping and use the soft colors....

I like to stamp and colour these.
Using soft colors and then make them on some LO's......

New stamps from DE STEMPELWINKEL!

I bought some new stamps at DE STEMPEL-WINKEL. I met Jetske on the Dutch event De Knotsgekke Kaartendagen a year ago and I was amazed by all her wonderful stamps.
Once in a while we mail and I treated my self on these new stamps!
Aren't they GREAT?
Jetske has a lot of goodies. You can see for yourself at:
You can also find Jetske on De KNOTSGEKKE Kaartendagen in Zwolle next weekfrom 28 till 30 of august!
I tried to make a card as you can see......
It is still a project......Pfffff....
I think scrapping is easier, ha, ha.