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zondag 31 mei 2009

Cursus as woensdag, 03 juni 2009.

Beste meiden,
As woensdag wil ik jullie graag deze wall hanger leren maken.
Het is een fantastisch ontwerp van Ellen Prinsen, waarvan ik een grote fan ben!
Jullie mogen mee nemen:

-een heel stevig scrapvel van 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm, maar nog liever een stuk dun karton
van deze afmeting.
-kant en lint.
-wit crepepapier.
-heel veel bloemen: stof, papier of roosjes van de Action (maakt niet uit), maar het
moet wel bij je kleuren passen.
-inktblokje in je gekozen kleur.
-eventueel rubons.
-pareltjes en/of strasssteentjes (zelfklevend!)
-een oude foto/ balletfoto (mooist is sepia!) of een nostalgische afbeelding van internet.
-wat resten karton of dik papier om de foto/afbeelding op te matten.
-een dikker scrapvel om je fotolijst uit te halen.
-wat bijpassende resten scrappapier om vlinders te maken.
- dubbelzijdig smal tape en foam tape.
Ik wens jullie allen een heel FIJN en WARM PINSTEREN toe!
Veel liefs, Jen.

vrijdag 29 mei 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE 22: SKY HIGH....> 29 mei 2009

This week the challenge is SKY HIGH...
Well....yep! I want you to think about the SKY HIGH!

I am pretty sure you will all work it out! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the break!

Hug to all my friends and scrap-girls (and boy's),


dinsdag 26 mei 2009

Working on a book....

I am still working on a little romatic book....
I want to bind it with the zutter, but first I have to decorate the inside.
I just love this paper!
Have a nice day,


When I was in Doorn I did buy some Kaisercraft's items...
This is one of them.
Just love it!
Used some romantic paper and roses, ribbon and flowers and it turned out this way....
Complete my style.....
Hope you appreciate this,


I made this card some weeks ago when I was in Doetinchem at Nora's.
Nora asked me: what happened with your lovely card? Why did you not blog it?
What to say?
I was a little ....about this one....
It is my first card without help from others....
Hope you all like it!
Bye, Jen.

maandag 25 mei 2009

Ingmar got a diplome!

Today, Ingmar had to do his exam First Aid.
This was very exiting, because he refused to practice with us! He can study all by himself!
So...we let him go and yes! We trust him in his study.
After all....he is going to a Dalton-school, so planning and self study is important for coming next years.
Ofcourse he passed this exam and he got his diplome + lovely sunflowers!
Dad was at school (mom was on another school and I could not take off....sob, sob...), but as a proud mom I want to show you these nice pictures!

zondag 24 mei 2009

Deadline opening Daycarecentre= saturday, 13 june!

We still work very hard to get everything perfect for the opening of our Daycarecentre.
The date of opening will be on saturday, 13 june.
From 11.00 till 15.00 hours (Dutch time) we will have an open house with life music!
We have to hang the curtains and then we are really finished, but Peter had to work today, so....
But this week we will give the building the finishing touch!
Have fun, hug for all, Jen.


I made some things by hand for the daycarecentre.
Some kids love to drink tea after school, so I made a tea-cosy to keep the tea warm in the basket. And I made a music mobile for the baby-room.
Hope you like it also,

Speciaal voor Marjan: JACK RUSSEL ODIE!

Hier onze Odie!
Het is zo'n schat! Hij is betrouwbaar en hij beschermt ons allen. Hij is zo lief met en voor kinderen en natuurlijk is hij af en toe ondeugend!
Maar hij maakt nooit iets stuk en hij doet ook geen lelijke dingen. Hij was zindelijk in no time en het is een voorbeeldige hond!
Al die verhalen over Jack Russels, dat ze wild en druk zouden zijn....
Het is maar net HOE je met ze om gaat!
Slaan en schreeuwen? NOT DONE!!! Gewoon: goed gedrag= positief belonen/ slecht of negatief gedrag= negeren en of even afzonderen.
Gebruik de bench niet om te straffen! De bench moet voor de hond zijn plaatsje zijn, waar hij zich kan terug trekken als hij daar behoefte aan heeft. Onze Odie ligt er zelden meer in! Hij heeft (naast de bench) ook nog een mandje en een stoel tot zijn beschikking. We hopen, dat we nog heel lang van hem mogen genieten. Hij is nu 15 maanden! Een hele slimme en leergierige hond, die zich uitstekend aan de regels houdt! Een heerlijk en vooral lief beestje! Groetjes, Jen.

zaterdag 23 mei 2009


A few weeks ago Riet did sent me a lovely card!
She inspires me so much in card-making!
I love scrapping, but making cards? I find it sooo very difficult!
So I asked Riet: Can I use your card as a guide?
And she aloud me to. Thank you, Riet!
So here is my first Christmas-card for this year!
I am very satisfied about the result!
Have a nice evening, Jen.

vrijdag 22 mei 2009


Do you like shopping?
Or do you think it's a waste of your time?
What kind of a shopper are you? Do you buy just because you think you need some items or do you just buy things for fun?
I love shopping in the grocerystore in the States....
First time (in the eighty's) I spend a whole day in the supermarket! I couldn't believe my eyes....
The staff looked at me....She must be from another planet! Yep....Hihihi....I was! In our little village we didn't have all these different foods.....
I couldn't make a choice...
There was soooo much to see and to buy!
I still love the stores in the States...
Special the craftstores!
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun,


donderdag 21 mei 2009


Some day's ago we had a happy family visiting us. The children are in our daycare and they had some good news! BABY THREE is on the way! The kids had to ask us: "Is it possible that our new baby can come, too?"
You all can imagine that this visit was a very happy one, because this was such good news! And YES! Ofcourse we will take care of the baby in november!
So...Peter was thinking: the family has to toast on the baby-on-the-way! So he bought them a bottle of kids-champagne, so the expecting mommy can drink along, too.
I made two boxes and fill these with baby decorations (special De Ruijter baby muisjes), so they can eat and drink to the wonderful news! Last night Peter and myself did bring it over and they were so HAPPILY SURPRISED!
An early little baby-shower!
The boxes were designed by Moon and you can look them up in the magazine CARDS ONLY, number 7.
Kiss for all, Jen.

Some special gifts.

My father-in-law was in Burkina Faso (Africa) for two weeks to visit the school he build there some years ago and to bring the children school supplies, so they can go to school!
Burkina Faso is one of the most poorest countries in the world and the people do live mostly in the desserts....They call them Bedoeïns. They ride their camels and they make pretty things. Once a week they sell these merchandise on the market.
This bracelet is made of leather and they painted it with natural paint. The necklace is made out of bone (goat?) and beads.
It are very special and gorgeous gifts to me, because I am so interested in the way these Bedoeïn people live.....So...thank you, DICK. I am very happy with the presents.
One of the twelve children dies and the people over there mostly die at the age of 46 till 48 years.....
Hard to imagine.....
Hope to be able to do something for these countries one day....
Love, Jen.

woensdag 20 mei 2009

award_kvd.png (image)

award_kvd.png (image)
Yesterday my dearest friend Riet gave me this AWARD and it is a very special one, so I am sooo HONOURED that she gave it to me!
Dear Riet....It feels to me like the queen did sent me this award....
I am very touched by your sweet words.....
It means a great deal to me and I am very happy that I can call you once in a while to cheer you up and listen to you!I hope one day we will meet and make a lot of fun together!

Gisteren gaf mijn lieve vriendin Riet my deze AWARD en het is een hele speciale, dus voel ik me heel erg vereerd, dat ik het mocht ontvangen!Lieve Riet.....
Deze onderscheiding voelt als een koninklijke....
Ik ben zeer ontroerd door je lieve woorden....
Je hebt geen idee hoeveel dit voor mijn betekent en ik ben blij, dat ik je af en toe kan bellen om je wat op te vrolijken en om je een luisterend oor te bieden!
Ik hoop,dat we elkaar ooit op een dag in levende lijve mogen ontmoeten om wat plezier te maken samen!

Heel veel liefs, Jen.

zaterdag 16 mei 2009


Last night I started the challenge right away. Finally I have the feeling again, that I get up with my scrap-works.....
The challenge PARENTS is not only about my parents, but also about Peter and my self.
What kind of parents are we?
So...I gave Ingmar the opportunity to tell something about his parents and I will write this on one of the three tags. I made a pocket from an old paperbag and in this pocket are three tags: one for my father, one for my mother and the third will be about us as parents....
I stamped on the mica with stazon ink (right) and wrote some journaling with pink (left) about my folks. The old picture from my mom and dad I took myself a long time ago. I think it was in 1970. My folks picked me up from school after a day out by bus with the whole class. My mom is holding my bag (a swimming-bag). Dad is in charge of the dog, named Sonja. I want to decorate this little page some more, but the weather is so nice here....I will do this later this day.
First I want to enjoy the sun and finish some sewing-projects!
Have a wonderful saturday,

vrijdag 15 mei 2009

Sweet......a cookie-pie!

A couple of day's ago Jeanet had a nice recipe for a cookie-pie on her blog: a "bokkepootjes"-pie. Bokkepootjes are real Dutch cookie's and they are lovely!
But in a pie like this.....Must be heaven to eat it!
So.....I made one last night and the boys??? They LOVE it!
Jeanet, dear..thank you for sharing this recipe with all of us!
Hug to all of you,

JEN'S CHALLENGE 20: vrijdag, 15 mei '09> parents.

This week the challenge is:PARENT(S).....
Perhaps you are a parent, perhaps you are not! But then you have or have had parents....
What kind of a parent are you?
What kind of parent(s) do or did you have/had?
What does the word parent means to you?
What are your memories about your parents?
Enjoy the weekend,

woensdag 13 mei 2009


Finally I am getting back on track!
I have been too busy with all kind of things, so my scrapping-time was toooooo short and that makes me .....
NOT HAPPY, hihi...
But Iám back and I made my challenges! So here are the challenges TRAGEDY and YOU CAN WAKE ME UP FOR.....
Hope you enjoy them!
Have a wonderful and sunny day, Jen.

Voor de cursisten Janet en Gre (woensdagavondgroep): door omstandigheden is de derde scraples verplaatst naar 27 mei as. Om 20.00 uur hoop ik jullie weer te zien!
Groet, Jen.

zondag 10 mei 2009

Zondag, 10 mei 2009: MOEDERDAG.

Vandaag kreeg ik ontbijt op bed.
De croissants waren aan de onderkant een ietsje zwart geblakerd, maar mamsie wist wel raad: heel voorzichtig heb ik het eraf gesneden met een heel scherp mesje en zodoende wa het best te doen. De bedoeling was piekfijn! De thee was vergeten te zetten...Ha, ha...Maar ook dat kwam in orde!
Verder werd ik verwend met: een papier mache kom en wel 5 (!!!) zelfgemaakte pindarotsjes. Alles gefabriceerd door Ingmar en pindarotsjes waren erg lekker, vandaar dat iedere mama van de klas kon rekenen op 5 stuks, ha, ha....
Björn had op het kinderdagcentrum (met behulp van een juf) een kom met verf aan de binnenkant beschilderd en ook hierin wat heerlijke hartgums.
Mijn mannetje vond het tijd voor het predicaat SUPERMOM en een nieuwe portemonnaie....
Helaas geen shopping-inhoud, ha, ha....
Maar...ik mag ook nog nieuwe houten klompen uitzoeken, want in een van mijn blauwe zat een gat en toen heeft hij de goeie ook weg gegooid, terwijl ik die juist had willen bewaren(plantje erin, he? REAL DUTCH, ha, ha). Gelukkig heb ik een foto van mijn oude klompjes....
Die klompen mag ik dus zelf scoren en ik weet ook al, welke ikke ga kopen op kosten van hubby.....
Die komen dus ter zijner tijd wel op de blog!
Maar...ik hoop, dat jullie ook een hele fijne Moederdag hebben gehad,

liefs, Jen.

Hope you all have had a wonderful Mother's Day.
Here are my presents: Ingmar made a bowl from paper and also the peanuts-chocolates are from his hand. Björn painted a porcelain bowl on the inside with help from his teachers and Peter bought me a new wallet.
With the honouring words: SUPERMOM!
And he wants me to buy myself new wooden shoes, because he got rit of my old ones....
One of them had a hole (wet socks and cold feet all the time...) but I was sad, because I wanted to keep them and make a plant in the good one> REAL DUTCH!....
So hubby felt a little guilty.....Thank God I made a picture of my old ones!
I know allready what I will buy on his expense: I did see some wonderful wooden shoes in the city of Groningen....
As soon as I bought them, I will show them to you.
Have a wonderful sun- and Mother's Day,
hug, Jen.

vrijdag 8 mei 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE 19:friday 8 may 2009>You can wake me up for.....

So girls.....
After some sad things I was thinking about something very personal....


What do you think MY answer will be?
I am very interested in your answer, so let me know!
I have to catch up a lot of work!
I will run upstairs now and do some scrapworks.

Have a wonderful night,

lots of hugs,

zondag 3 mei 2009

SUNDAY, 3 mei 2009.

Haalo allemaal,
Vandaag was ik in Doetinchem aan het scrappen!
Ik was uitgenodigd door Nora, Jeanet, Marije en Tamara om een heerlijke dagje te komen scrappen.
En wel te verstaan bij Nora, die hiervoor een GEWELDIGE ruimte heeft!
Dank voor de gastvrijheid, meiden!
Ik heb zo genoten en heb gegild van het lachen!
De klok tikte de tijd helaas wel tien keer zo snel voorbij als normaal en de zondag was voorbij voordat ik het besefte!

Dank en nog eens dank....
Het was heerlijk!
Nora, je bent een hele lieve en goede gastvrouw en ik hoop, dat jullie het eens op komen halen!
Liefs, Jen Dixon.....

This sunday I was invited by Nora, Jeanet, Marije and Tamara to come to Doetinchem and scrap my heart out with these great scrappers!
I was honoured and ofcourse we had a great day!
With a lot of fun!
Thank you Nora for sharing your scrapping-place with me and thank you all for the wonderful time.
I wish I could have stopped the clock.....
Time flies when you're having fun!
Thanks again, ladies and I hope you'll come to me once!
Big hug, Jen .....

vrijdag 1 mei 2009

JEN'S Challenge 18: 1 mei 2009> TRAGEDY!

What a after shock I am in after what happened yesterday in Apeldoorn.....
It is a real tragedy and I am speechless......
I can't believe this has happened in our tiny, little country....
I am thinking of the family's who lost their beloved ones and to all the people who were there and who did see this happening.....
I am sorry for you, my dear friends, that I have not a very bright or happy challenge for you this week, but the impact is so huge for all of us.....
We have to express our feelings about this.

A big hug to all, Jen.