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vrijdag 30 januari 2009


This "horable"man of steel was created by Ingmar!
To make his "STEEL WORLD" a little "softer" I put two little steel flowers in front of this creature!
I just love the drawing and the way Ingmar used his pen.
Because he just used a black pen.

Have a nice friday and enjoy everything,

Big hug to all, Jen.

donderdag 29 januari 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE: week 5/ 30 januari 2009> DRAWING.

This morning I am an urly bird with blogging the new word for this week!
Time flies when you're having fun!
This week the word is DRAWING!
What do you have with a drawing? Or do you like to draw yourself?
Is there a special drawing in your house you like so much?
Or do you have completely NOTHING with drawings or sketches?
I get pretty drawings of Ingmar! He just makes them on little pieces of paper and I am afraid (LOL) that he draws them secretly during schooltime! But...that's what I did when I was a kid. So....He really inherited this from me, hi, hi....(Don't tell the teach!).
When he was a small boy he got rheuma and Henoch Schönlein Purpura, so he really needed help to stimulate his motorical skills. He was a "louzy" to say and he hated it! While I love to draw, paint and scrap! But now.....times have changed and he is enjoying his work so much.....
It makes me such a proud mom.....
Ingmar is developing quickly now and his drawing-skills are getting better and better!
I have a box filled with little drawings....
His DESIGNS for LEGO CREATOR, because that is COOL.......
I hope to blog my page tonight!
See'you on the blog!
Enjoy the day wherever you are,

woensdag 28 januari 2009


I am not a very good cardmaker, but I did the card-making-challenge by Tiets and I must say.....
It doesn't look bad at all!
Perhaps I should give myself some more changes!

Ik ben niet zo'n goede kaartenmaakster, maar ik heb een online kaartenchallenge gedaan van Tiets en ik moet zeggen.....
Ik vind het resultaat nog niet eens zo slecht!
Misschien moet ik mezelf wat meer kansen geven!

Big hug/ groetjes,


maandag 26 januari 2009

Nice webstores!/Leuke webwinkeltjes!

If you like making little dolls (felt) you should look up:
Als je van vilten popjes en andere stoffen dingetjes maken ook geen genoeg kunt krijgen, kijk dan eens in het schattige webwinkeltje van:

I ordered some things and I will make them as soon as possible, because they are so adorable!
Just some patience, please!
Ik heb wat pakketjes besteld en ik wil ze ook zo snel mogelijk in elkaar naaien, want ze zijn zoooo snoeperig lief!
Maar jullie moeten nog even geduld oefenen!

I also looked in the webstore from a good scrap-friend!
She has pretty new things and I will buy some goodies. In januari and februari they give all the customers 10 % off! Isn't this GREAT NEWS? If you got curious, look at:
Ook heb ik even weer eens even gekeken in het scrapwebwinkeltje van een scrap-vriendin!
Ze heeft weer leuke nieuwe dingen en ik ga zeker even wat bestellen. Ze geeft in de maanden januari en februari alle klanten 10 % lorting! Dat is toch GEWELDIG NIEUWS?
Je kunt haar hier vinden:

Have a nice day/evening!
I'm off to do some work!
Hug to all, Jen.

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Challenge week 4.

My wishes for the new president, Mr. Barack Obama are:
-I wish that he will remain a little boy in his heart and that he keeps on dreaming, because when you can look true a child's eye, you will not forget the primary things in life!
-I wish for the new president WISHDOM and BELIEVE!
- I wish for the new president enough time to remain the family-man he is!
I wish for the president that he can keep his promises and that he will be the man who can help the people to rebuilt their economy!
-I wish that he will keep in mind that all the children in this world are OUR FUTURE!

The little blue star stands for THE STARS AND STRIPES!
The pin has wings.....The wings of THE AMERICAN EAGLE and ofcourse the wings of the wise owl.
I wish for you all that you will find inspiration to make this challenge and I hope you are without the flu or other pains and tears.....
Wish you all a good saturday,
Big hug to all and thanks for doing the challenge with me!
It really means a lot to me,

vrijdag 23 januari 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE: week 4/ 23 januari 2009> YOUR WISH FOR OBAMA!

This week Mr. Obama got "on duty" for real!
And what for a DUTY!
I admire him for trying to make the world a better place!

I have a wish for him....
Or short to go....
I have some wishes for him!

The job has to be done, but it will be a very hard one and I hope Mr. Obama can keep his promises to the people, the nation and the world!

So, girls.....
Sorry for the late post, but it is still friday.....
Just got off the job!
Ate a little slice of garlic bread.....
I am off now! Going upstairs to make the challenge!
With a little luck I can blog it later tonight!

Have a nice evening,

Big hug to all of you,

Welcome Mr. B. Obama!

This week was a very important one!
Not only for the US citizins, but for the whole world the new worldleader, Mr. Barack Obama, wrote HISTORY!
I hope the new president of the United States of America will stay who he is!
I also hope he will get to see his wife and two little girls as much as he wants (because he will get very busy!) and I hope he has some wise owls on his shoulder to help him with all the very difficult and delicate things.
I also hope Mr. Obama will stand up for children their rights all over the world!
With this LO I WELCOME him to be the first "black"president of the USA, but I also ask him to make the world a better place for children with difficulties and illnesses! Some kids can not stand up for their rights! They really need leaders who will protect them! So....Have mercy with them!
Have a good day,

Moon's gift to me!

This week there was something for me.....
I was soooo happy with it! Dear Moon did sent me this!
It is so sweet of her to do this! I love all the four items and I can't wait to use them!
Thank you, dearest Moon!!!!
You have NO IDEA what this means to me!
Hug, Jen.

maandag 19 januari 2009

New webstore!

Hello all of you!

I discovered a very nice webstore and it's a good one!

Look at:

Really nice things!
Hope you will find the things you like!
Have fun,

hug, Jen.


There's some great news!
My friend Marjolein and some other very good and famous scrap-friends create a new blog!
Every month they will give us two challenges!
Read all about it on:

I'll be IN at the first of february!

Er is groot nieuws!
Mijn vriendin Marjolein en een aantal hele goede en beroemde scrapsters hebben een nieuw blog geopend!
Iedere maand zullen ze ons verblijden met twee nieuwe challenges!
Jullie kunnen alles lezen op:

Ik ben een trouwe deelneemster, dat kan ik jullie nu al wel vermelden!

Dan nog een nieuwtje van Crealies.
Zoals jullie weten ben ik een van de Design Teamleden van Crealies.
Crealies heeft nu alle werkstukken van het DT op de GALLERY gezet! En als je op het DESIGN TEAM klikt, zie je onze 5 namen staan. Als je op "klik hier"drukt, dan zie je onze werkstukken!
Het ziet er heel erg mooi en verzorgd uit!
Kijk snel voor de leuke hulpmiddelen (doodle mallen, enz.) op:

Fijne tijd!
Groetjes, Jen.

vrijdag 16 januari 2009

My weekly challenge (the third): 01-16-2009> Winterflower(s).

This is my third page in the album 2009.
The Christmas-rose is my favorite winterflower and when I discovered the tiny plant blooming my heart opened up and I felt so happy and so grateful to have this in my yard!
It reminded me of the Poém my dad wrote to me in my little poèzie-album when I was a little girl. That poém touched my heart and I still remember it without reading the album. It is in my head for ever.
It is in Dutch and it´s handwritten.
It goes like this;



I will try to translate it as best as I can.....

Flowers, my child,
belong to life.
Our nature is so mild
to give it all to us!

I hope you will have a good life.
Be a good person.
Be brave and never give up,
And have a lot of fun!

My father past away quite some time ago, but he was a very sweet, caring and good person!
I am grateful he wrote this down for me......
This beautiful flower reminded me right away of dad´s words in my album.......
Let us all enjoy the little tiny winterflowers in our yards, on our table and in nature and let´s protect nature as much as we can, because every little flower has a right to be here!
And Joan? I am happy to read that you have crocus in Oregon, too!
They are also in The Netherlands, but they will bloom a little later.
The Helleborus comes first!
Thank you all for sharing this with me and I hope you will like it!
Have a wonderful friday and thank you for all your reading and comments,

JEN'S CHALLENGE: week 3/ 16 th of january 2009 : WINTER- FLOWER(S).

This week I found in my yard this wonderful Helleborus. In The Netherlands we call it the Christmas-rose. I was soooo surprised to see this wonderful winter-flower! Due to the bitter freezing cold it is blooming and sooo alive!
I am thrilled by roses and this "winter-rose"makes my day!
I did not feel depressed anymore( rain makes me feel alway's so ....) , but the blooming flowers showed me the way to open up and enjoy all the signs of coming spring!
The tree's are getting ready for the new leaves again!
This flower is my favorite WINTER-flower!
Do you have one? Or do you love the ice-chrystals who look like flowers?
Or do you buy your favorite flower(s) during wintertime?
Just let us know!
I hope you love flowers as much as I do!
Have a nice day and I hope to make my third page this afternoon, so I can blog it tonight!
Have FUN,
big hug and a lot of inspiration for all,

donderdag 15 januari 2009

De twee challenges van Stieneke Vegter!

Dank je wel Stieneke voor je twee prachtige wekelijkse challenges! Stieneke, ik vind de bladzijdes GEWELDIG MOOI! DANK! Enne...
Wat een geweldige PRESTATIE van jullie om maar eventjes 65 km op de schaats af te leggen!
SUPER HOOR! Dit heb je fantastisch vast gelegd in je scrap-albumpje!
Je kleinkids zullen later met plezier terug kijken op alles!
Ik vind die kleine handschoentjes (mittens) zo snoezig!
Goede keuze!
Ik ben er al weer uit voor morgen, hoor!
Heb het in de natuur ontdekt......Zucht.......Wat kan de winter toch mooie dingen voort brengen....Ondanks de koude! Nee.....
Meer verklap ik lekker niet, want het is nog geen vrijdag!
Lekker puh, ha, ha...
Liefs, Jen.

woensdag 14 januari 2009

Challenge doubledutchchallenges!

Ik zag een hele leuke wedstrijd op de blog van !! Ik heb snel een ronde kaart gemaakt (want dat was de opdracht!) met de tekst: HAPPY WINTER DAY'S
Ook al is ijs bijna al weer weg....
Het is en blijft winter en ik blijf hopen op een beetje sneeuw....
Gewoon...een klein beetje, zodat de kindertjes nog een beetje pret kunnen maken en met hun sleetje van de dijk kunnen roetsjen! Ik hoop, dat jullie allemaal mee gaan doen, want het is zo'n leuk idee snel kijken, want de dames maken prachtige dingen!
Een fijne dag, groetjes, Jen.

dinsdag 13 januari 2009

Pieky her challenges!

These two pretty pages Pieky did sent me tonight!
Thank you Pieky for sharing this with us and it is wonderful for me to see that there are so many people who are "on board" with me this year!
The jounaling is so nice!
As you all can see.....Your own handwriting makes it so very, VERY SPECIAL!
Have fun everybody!
Big hug, Jen.

maandag 12 januari 2009

A sunny sunday on the ice!

I skated the whole sunday....At the end the sky and the sun looked so beautiful!
So I went home, got the dog and the camera and made some cute pics....
Too bad that it was the last day....
The temp got high again.....
Look at this pretty new build Swedish house! Isn't it a dream? Odie doggy had fun too! It was his first time on the ice. First he didn't understand it all, so he did some unexpected movements!
Isn't it something? This street is called: Winterpeil! And how pretty the sky looked......
I just had to share this with you!
Have a good monday,
big hug,

zaterdag 10 januari 2009


As you all can see.....We really enjoy the ICE! We did skate this whole afternoon and I just got home to do some laundry, but Ingmar went home with granny to eat her famous chicken-soup! Wich will taste wonderful after two hours skating!
The sun was out.....some wind.....
Just perfect weather-conditions to spent the afternoon out and enjoy the ice.
Ofcourse granny and Björn walked over the grass to see us and as you can see: Björn loved to see us skating.
Granny was a little sad: she really hate it that Björns's life got another turn.....
I know, mom....I know how much it hurts and that we all wanted Björn to be normal, but hey....
Sometimes the fairy does not have a happy ending......
We have to deal with our greeve and let's stand up, straighten our shoulders and enjoy him the way he is!
I enjoy his beautiful smile!
And if he's smiling, I know he's happy and that's all what counts. I have had a wonderful time with Ingmar, while poor dad had to work! And granny is spoiling her two grandboy's now with soup and other goodies! So...this day has a very happy ending!
Have a great saturday and keep smiling,

This is the first challenge Jeanette Krans did sent me!

Jeanette Krans wants to share her first challenge with us, so she send me two wonderful pages. Thank you, Jeanette!
It is wonderful to see and to read what one word does for you!
It really makes you sit down and think about the word.
Next year it will be so much fun to read all the challenges and what you did think....
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the second challenge!
I really appreciate all of your comments and your sweet words, mails and friendship!

Big hug to all of you in the wide world,

My second challenge is ready!

As I mentioned, ice is fabulous for me!
I just love skating and I also love to make pretty pics.
Now's the time!
The sun is shining and it looks sooo very pretty outside on the ice!
Ofcourse I like to eat ice too.....
I hope you enjoy this week challenge as much as I do.
Have a great day,
big hug to all of you,

vrijdag 9 januari 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE: week 2> 09 january 2009; ICE/IJS!

This second week the word is ICE!
It is COLD in The Netherlands and in parts of Europe!
Also in some States (USA) the snow and frost are causing some trouble.....
What do you have with ice?
Might be that you are in the sun right now.....enjoying an ice-cream, hi, hi.....
That is also an interesting way to enjoy ice.....
Do you liked ice as a kid?
Do you still like to be on ice or do you hate it?
I love to be on the ice in the open air! The natural ice is so wonderful! Ofcourse indoor skating is good, too, but to skate in nature.........I LOVE IT! So....that's why I did choose the word ICE!
How do you remember ice? can go each way.....the hard one or the sweet one.....
I think I'll go for both!
I am running now to make the second challenge!
Have fun and thank you for all your sweet comments,
hug for all,

donderdag 8 januari 2009

Born 8 th of december: STIJN!

Jacyeline en her Peter got a wonderful son in december!
Ofcourse I did congratulated the fresh parents on her blog, but the card?????????
I wanted it to be very, VERY SPECIAL, because this baby is very, VERY SPECIAL to Jacqueline and Peter!
So....I started and worked.....and worked.....ans worked my butt of to make a wonderful scrap-card.....
But....Not one was good enough!
I felt a little hopeless, because I did not want to buy a card....
Below my scrap-level, hi, hi.....
Finally I got up with this one and I hope Jacqueline will forgive me for taking my time!
So, Jaqueline and Peter......
This one will be there soon, because I took it to the post0ffice!
Have fun wherever you are,

New skates and a lot of FUN!

Ingmar really needed new skates and I bought him these! He loves them, because his weak ankles will not let him down with these!
So....he's skating and having fun-fun-fun!
I also went skating!
I just love it!
Hope it will stay this way for a couple of day's.
Hug to all,

zondag 4 januari 2009

Dinsdag, 06 januari 2009: workshop!

Morgenavond is er weer de Nieuwjaars-workshop!
Het begint om 19.30 uur en je bent van harte welkom!
Voor de workshop heb ik nog vier plaatsen beschikbaar en wees er dus snel bij, want VOL is VOL!
Jullie weten mijn motto: ik wil echt maar 6 mensen, zodat iedereen aandacht krijgt!
De kosten zijn 12.50 euro.
Geef je op via mijn mail/ bellen na 20.00 uur mag ook.
Onder het genot van een kopje thee/koffie en iets lekkers maken we een prachtig enveloppen-tagboekje, waarin ook ruimte is voor een mini-albumpje.
Er zijn weer prachtige clearstamps aanwezig!
Ik hoop je te zien, morgen!
Fijne dag,


zaterdag 3 januari 2009


My goodness!
The year just started and I did get an award already!
Thank you so much, Elly!
You really made my day!
And thank you all for sailing along the CHALLENGE 2009 with me!

I will do my very best for all of us!
Love, Jen.

vrijdag 2 januari 2009


Dear friends,
Here's my first challenge for 2009.
This is all I know about my ancestors.....
But I loved them and the memories are so wonderful!
Time flies.......
It is amazing to see how quickly our world has changed in only 46 years.....
But one thing is for sure: I also walk on wooden shoes and so is Ingmar! I guess this Dutch tradition will live on and on.
Have a wonderful week and enjoy the weekend!
I really love it when you leave a comment on my blog!
Good day's for all,
hug, Jen.

Handmade Book: "Walking in a winter wonderland"

I made this book from cardstock and a velt placemat. Add some lace around and a velt snowman and some wooden stars with buttons and the letters are flocked.
I just liked to share this with you!
Have a good day or evening,

Hug, Jen.


In the night of the first to the second of january I had a weird dream.
It all looked so for real.....
I woke up very confused, because I couldn't believe that it was only a dream!
In my dream my ancestors came and they talked to me, they hugged me and they told me how much they have loved me.......

So.....The first word will be ANCESTORS.

What do your ancestors mean to you?
What do you know about them?

Every friday I will blog a word or phrase, so we all have time during the weekend to make the challenge!
If there will be a week that I'm going away, then I will blog in front, so you can alway's work on and I hope this will give us all the opportunity that nobody will get stressy!
HAVE FUN, people!
I will make mine now!
And hope to blog it later!
Big hug,

In de nacht van de eerste op de tweede januari had ik een hele vremmde droom.
Het zag er allemaal zo echt uit!
Ik werd wakker en was er best wel wat in de war van....Ik kon niet geloven, dat het alleen maar een droom was....!
In mijn droom mijn voorouders kwamen bij mij en ze praatten tegen me, ze gaven me knuffels en ze vertelden me hoeveel ze van me hadden gehouden.

Dus...het eerste woord van dit nieuwe jaar zal zijn: VOOROUDERS.

Wat betekenen je voorouders voor jou?
Wat weet je van je voorouders?

Iedere vrijdag zal ik een woord of een zin bloggen, zodat we allemaal tijd hebben (hoop ik dan maar, ha, ha...) in het weekend om de uitdaging te scrappen in het boekje.
Mocht ik eens een weekje weg zijn, dan zal ik twee woorden bloggen, zodat niemand van ons achter gaat lopen en/of in de stress raakt!
Heel veel plezier gewenst, mensen!
Maak er wat moois van en laat het me weten!
Ik ga nu naar boven om mijn eerste uitdaging aan te gaan: dat gaat dus een oud fotootje worden en denk aan het handgeschreven journaaltje!
Ik hoop het later op de avond te bloggen: kunnen jullie de mijne zien!
Grote knuffel voor allen,


donderdag 1 januari 2009

My own CHALLENGE FOR 2009!

Like I told you all.....
I really liked the Paper Challenge from Elise......
It is good to sit down and think about things.....
It is also nice to scrap about it and it is VERY IMPORTANT to WRITE about your feelings and emotions!

I will blog a word every week and then we all scrap our hearts out and.....
The journal has to be there also!

Here is my mini-album for 2009!

Here are "my rules"for the album:

The size of the album is: 8 by 4 inch!
Your journaling has to be HAND-WRITTEN! If you have a bad handwriting, you can train yourself to draw the words. I like to use different kinds of styles!
So....don't be afraid of writing! It will be FUN!
You do not have to put photo's at every page. A nice drawing or a little ornament is also allowed!

So.....Feel free to join me in my little project!
I will think about the first word or phrase and tonight I will let you know the FIRST CHALLENGE!
I really hope a lot of you will come aboard and sail with me true the year 2009!
It will be an honour to do this project with a lot of you!

Big hug, Jen.