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zaterdag 28 februari 2009


Yesterday it looked like this!
Wednesday the glass will be put into the window-frames and monday they get started on the electricity, water and gas.

It looks soooo good! Peter and myself love the color of the building. It is called: "Amsterdam Blue"and it reminds me of the Greek island Corfoe, where Peter and I got engaged during our 10 day's summer brake in 1991.

Have a nice saturday,

hug to all and thank you for your comments,


More pics....

Doesn't it look interesting?

The building proces of our private daycare!

This week the floor was dry enough to continue the building proces of the daycare.
It was a great moment!

vrijdag 27 februari 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE:week 9>friday, 27 februari 2009: SPORT.

This week the challenge is: SPORT!
Do you like to watch a certain sport?
Do you like a certain sport best?
Or do you HATE to move your (poor) body around?
Do you swim, run or skate? Do you admire sportsmen/ sportswomen?
Just let us know!
Have a nice weekend, Jen.

donderdag 26 februari 2009 dream!

I made this little book of Toscane from an old cardstock box....
Nothing fancies...
Just an old napkin with olives (sale at the Blokker) for 0.50 eurocents and a lot of scraps......
I just love to experiment with fabrics, ribbons and papers.
Have a wonderful day and thank you for all your comments,


Winter-snowbook 2001.

Last week I finfished all the pages of my Winter-snowbook 2001.
In Austria everybody in our party goes to bed early.....
But...I can't sleep at nine thirty! I have to let my hands work, too, so I sat down and did some scrapping. I did not bring a lot of tools with me to Austria, so I had to work with the few things I had, but it went well.
Hope you like it, too and thank you for your comment.
Hug, Jen.

zondag 22 februari 2009

Some more snow-fun!

Doesn't it look like a fairytale?
I wish I could take home the mountains.....
Sooooo pretty......Temp on the gletscher? You do not want to know! Cold....Very COLD, but breathtaking!
Hug, Jen.

Birthday and back-in-town!

It's my Birthday!
I want to thank everybody for the pretty cards, the e-mails, the e-cards and the calls!
You all really surprised me, girls! I am grateful for this!
I can not celebrate it, because around the house everything is full of mud!
So...we'll do it later....Perhaps in the summer when everything is ready and nice and clean again!
It was good to be away for a week: the men did work very hard!
Here some great pics of the place in Austria Sölden were we did ski.
We had FUN! Hope you'll enjoy the sunday!
Bye, bye, Jen.

donderdag 12 februari 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE: week 7 and 8!

Well sweeties,
I did make my both challenges! Week 7 Almost Valentine! Ofcourse my darling spous Peter is my Valentine-sweetie! Since we dated he gave me a Valentine-card every year and a present. He is very caring and he spoiles me all the time. Not only on Valentine's Day, but year round. Still....Valentine is a little special for the 2 of us, because we both love the USA and that's where Valentine comes from.

Challenge week 8: AGE.....
On the 22 nd of february I will turn into 48 years old.
I celebrate it later, because we are building and with all the mess in and round the house, it's better to throw a party later this year!
But I like celebrations and I celebrate creations!
Aren't we lucky to be able to scrap our hearts out?
Hope you celebrate life, too.
Think this is my last post for today.....
Have fun and thank you all for leaving a message,
Hug to all,

Building day 4!

Today there were 10 men at work!
They make progress and snow or no snow.....THE DO CONTINUE!
At lunch I gave them some Unox rookworst. Nice and warm with mustard.
It's the best I can do for them. We have to stay in the house as much as possible, because round the house they are digging with machines.
What a mudd-mountains we have now!
Enjoy our building-mess......
Bye, Jen.

woensdag 11 februari 2009

Building...Mess....Hungry builders and wet snow!

Hello dear girls and all the people who read this blog! you can see: the barn was moved from the left side to the right side and boy...did the men worked hard! During the wet snow storms they did continue! We really appreciate this! The builders really loved the warm soup and the coffe with some cookies.
Amazing how 5 men can do soooo much work in one day!
I know it is their job, but I am grateful!
They really make it a little easier for us: they are enthousiastic and happy hearts!
Peter has a nice plan: when it's ready and the weather will turn out nice, we should invite these people over for a nice bbq!
I did make the challenge ALMOST VALENTINE>
I will blog it as soon as possible.
Hope to make the challenge AGE tonight.
Have a nice time and till tomorrow,