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woensdag 30 april 2008


Spring is such a lovely time of year.....
I am amazed how quick the plants are growing and how the colors in the yard change!
Looking forward to the new birdies, who will fly out.......

New life....
New starts......
New beginning.......

Let's celebrate Spring 2008.

Have a wonderful night,

Scrappy Jen D.

dinsdag 29 april 2008

Paper Challenge 08, week 18: My five senses.

This week Elise gave us a difficult challenge, but after a couple of minutes I came up with this idea. Simple, but clear to me, because I did find out that:


What would I be without these 5 senses? I just need them and they are soooo important to me!

So, today, tomorrow and this week think about these questions:

What do you see? What do you hear? What do you taste? What do you smell? What do you touch?
Thank you Elise, because I really had to think about my 5 senses.....
I appreciate them very much, but I almost forgot how much!

Have a nice day,

Scrappy Jen D.

maandag 28 april 2008

All Mexican!

With this mini-book I tried to win a scrapbook-title!
Too bad.....The jury didn't choose for my book.
What to say?
Things can be worse and life goes on!
I like my book: it is very special to me and I love Mexico and the Mexican history and culture!
I love the people there and their food.....
The colors!
It was a very wonderful trip and it made me able to make a book of this trip to honour this beautiful country!
I felt very welcome and people were so open. Ofcourse my Spanish is lousy, but I was able to talk with them. If you try, people are so happy and helpfull!
If you can: go fot it and find out how these people really live! You'll be amazed! Mexico is such a beautiful country!
I hope I can go there again for some time.
And for the girls who are one of the three?

Have a wonderful day, Scrappy Jen D.

My mini Mexico-book and two mini-mini's.

I just love the colors!
The album was a gift and it was a naked and very pink one. So....I started to pimp it a little.
In the Maya Road tin I put some sand (of the Mexican beach!) and some Mexican shells and coral in it. I did not dive for coral! It was a little piece that was on the beach! I did not damaged the underwaterlife!!!
The little Mexican sombrero was on top of a sauce-bottle, we did bring home, because it tasted so yummie.
As you can see....I could use it!

Inside of the book.

The inside of the album was very, very black.....
It didn't make me happy, so I pimped the inside completely!
Made a colorful pocket with tags, a little suitcase and some flowers!
Now it reminds me of colorful MEXICO where the sun is out more then here........

Two mini-mini-books.

I made two mini-mini-books and they are hanging on my Mexico-mini-book.
One of the mini-mini's is all about Peter and the birds he spotted in Mexico and they other one is all about me and the sky's.
I am very crazy about clouds and sky's.
This way I was able to get rid of all the photo's we made!

Inside one of the mini-books.

Just a little peek in one of the two mini-books.

Getting rid of a lot of photo's.

Sometimes you make too much photo's, but it a pity to throw them away....
I used some plastics and cut pieces of photo's in halfe.
Made an envelope out of plastic and put some left over Mexican money in this.

Page out of the Mexico-book.

I just love this paper. It's Daisy D's and I had some scraps in my paper-closet, so I used it.
I made a mica-layer over the photo and painted the edges with acryl-paint and a sponge.

I am almost looking at you!

I can't help it, but I just love animals!
Ain't this gorgeous?
I can't stand it when I see them run over by cars on the street! They are such good animals!
I hope this one will stay on our property an eat his/hers little heart out with wurms and other goodies......
He is safe: we will try to protect it!
And doggie is not allowed to scare it!


When you look very good, you can see, that the hedgehog did relax a little and showed it,s little nose and his eyes, but they are closed.
It kept on dreamin'.........
Peter gave it a save spot and this morning it was gone, but just a moment ago it was back!
Yep! Dreaming again!
A second SLEEPIN'Beauty on the ranch, ha, ha.

I am alive, but....I am hiding!

It is alway's so cute to see how the hedgehog is protecting it self and makes a little ball of his body!

Nature is so beautiful!

Peter digging out little hedgehog.

Gardening with surprises!

Yesterday it was a lovely day, so we started our yard-work again. Peter was cleaning up the flowerbed and look what he found!
In the ground a hedgehog build him (or her) self a nest and the animal was covered up with leaves.
So cute!
Now we understand why Odie kept digging there and started running circles around the pond! He hurted his nose by touching the hedgehog!
So....I must admit> Odie found this little creature who is sound and safe in another spot in our yard where little doggie can not hurt the hedgehog or himself!

Bjorn and Odie.

Every morning Odie is in bed with Bjorn to wake Bjorn up! Ofcourse Bjorn loves it! He is not afraid anymore......It is exciting to have that little dog in bed for a couple of seconds!
Besides this: Odie likes Bjorn his toy,s too.....Bjorn doesn't matter at all.....It, okay!

Ingmar and Odie.

It is so cute to see how much this little doggie means to Ingmar!
They are very fond of each other!
Odie pets Ingmar and Ingmar is very, very happy with his little dog!

donderdag 24 april 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: week 17> Something new!

Elise's challenge for week 17 was: Something new! Well....What could I better use then our little doggy?
He is so brandnew in our family, but allready sooOOOO LOVED by all of us! He is bright and clever, he play's with the children, he is cute, he knows what he wants......
Short to go: he is the little sunshine in our home and he makes us all smile. Yesterday we took him to the vet and the doctor told us that Odie is very healthy and very, very clever. That is what we think too... He is not even 9 weeks old and he goes out for everything....No accidents in the house! He behaves so brave and good....What a great "Something NEW"

Vanavond, 24 april 08 om 20.00 uur: CROP-AVOND! De eerste LENTE-CROP!
Heb je zin te komen croppen? Tevens demonstratie van de CRICUT EXPRESSION!

Kosten: 7.50 euro, inclusief koffie/ thee en iets lekkers.

Fijne dag, Scrappy Jen D.

donderdag 17 april 2008

Paintable 2.

I just love these paintables from Prima Marketing!
I used aquarel paint and it turns out so great!
I could do this forever.......
Love the blossoms.....
Gives me the ultimate SPRING-feeling!

Odie was so tired!!!! He behaves sooo cute to get attention!

This dog is quite something!
He got tired, ran in his basket and then he gave me the look......
Oh, please......give me attention and PET me!
He is such a doll!
How can you resiste this?
I can't.......

Spring: TULIP.....

I just love this photo, taken by my husband Peter.
I painted the edges of the picture with crackle paint.
I realize that the colors red and pink are a little odd to use for a spring-LO, but I think it looks nice.
By the it felt like spring really started!
Doggie and me had some fun out in the yard and Odie got soooooo very tired of gardening!
Have a nice day and enjoy the beauty of spring!

dinsdag 15 april 2008

Paper Challenge 16: Inspired.

This week the word for Elise's Challenge was:

I get inspired by TROPICAL ISLANDS and a PERFECT SEA..................

zondag 13 april 2008

Paper glaze on foam.

Paper glaze is a wonderful product!
Even on foam it looks so pretty!
The word SPRING looks just great with paper glaze on it!
Just try it out!
Have a wonderful sunday and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

Scrappy Jen D.

Spring is in the air, everywere I look around.....

Here my tribute to SPRING!
Finally I found a little spare time to make a spring-LO with flowers....,flowers and more flowers.
I love the bright colors....
Make me think of....Screaming loud: IT IS SPRING!!!!!!

Hier mijn lente-bijdrage!
Eindelijk kon ik wat vrije tijd maken om een lente-LO te maken met bloemen ....., bloemen en meer bloemen.
Ik hou van de felle kleuren.....
Het doet me denken aan ......Het uitschreeuwen: HET IS LENTE!!!!

We worked HARD!!!/ Wij werkten HARD!!!

Spring is in the air..... And we have been working very hard, doggie and me.......We did some running around the fish pond (no.....No fish anymore: we had a stork and he did some fishing, ha, ha....) and we played with the ball and yes...we did some gardening too....It was new for doggie, so he had some troubles, but afterwards we became best friends again and did sleeping-quality time in the chair! Doggie loved it! Me? WHO? ME??? I just had to be there for doggie.....
De lente hangt in de lucht.....En we hadden zo hard gewerkt, hondje en ik......We renden rondjes om de visvijver (nee...Geen vissen meer: we hadden een ooievaar en hij ging vissen, ha, ha....) en we speelden met de bal en ja.....we tuinierden ook nog wat.....Het was nieuw voor hondje, dus kwam hij wat in de problemen, maar daarna werden we weer de beste vriendjes en deden een kwaliteits-slaapje in de stoel!
Hondje vond het heerlijk! IKKE? WIE? IK? Ik moest er natuurlijk gewoon zijn voor hondje.....

dinsdag 8 april 2008

Odie meets Minnie!/ Odie ontmoet Minnie!

Odie was not allowed...../ Odie mocht niet....

Yep! We decided: Odie was not allowed on the bed.....
Well.....Here we go......He is on a baby-blanket on the bed with Ingmar......Terrible....But...I love it!!!!!

Ja! We hadden besloten: Odie mag niet op het bed....
Nou.....Hier gaan we dan.....Op een babydekentje op het bed met Ingmar.....Vreselijk...Maar....Ik hou ervan!!!!!


He is adorable!

He is a natural beauty!/ Hij is een natuurlijke schoonheid!

We can't get enough of him!
He is cute, bright, smart, lovely, naughty....
You name it!
Isn't nature just beautiful????
Give me a million...I can't make this masterpiece!
We kunnen niet genoeg van hem krijgen!
Hij is grappig, getalenteerd, slim, lief, ondeugend.....
Noem maar op!
Is de natuur niet gewoon prachtig
Geef me maar een miljoen.......Ik kan dit meesterwerk er niet voor maken!

Just look at these little feet!/ Kijk nou eens naar deze voetjes!

Ingmar can shake his school-bag!/ Ingmar kan zijn schooltas wel vergeten!

Our pup Odie found himself a new sleeping spot! Ingmar his schoolbag is favorite!
Boy, oh, boy....What to do now?
Well....Ingmar did find a solution: "I have to stay home with Odie!"
IIIIIII don't think soOOOOOO!!!!
Onze pup Odie heeft een nieuw slaapplaatsje gevonden. Ingmar zijn schooltas is favoriet!
Jongens....Wat doen we hieraan?
Nou.....Ingmar had wel een oplossing""Ik moet maar gewoon thuis blijven bij Odie!"
Dat dacht IKKKKKKK toch NIETTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soory teach...I don't think Ingmar is going to make it, tomorrow....

Elise's Challenge 2008: week 15> What's for dinner tonight?

I just loved this challenge, too. I work all day, but a low fat, tasty and colorful meal is so very important! And most important for me is when my kids go crazy and I hear a lot of YUMMIE'S!
This day, tuesday, the eight of april 2008 there was on the menu:

- garlic potatoes/ - fresh greek marinated fish/ - a mixed salat with feta cheese (Greek) and a lot of veggie's, tomatoes and eggs.

And...Yes...the men were happy....Also little doggy-man, who was allowed to try a little piece of egg. Ofcourse the white part of the egg and was a very little piece....

Ik vond deze uitdaging weer leuk. Ik werk de hele dag, maar een calorie-arme, smakelijke en kleurrijke maaltijd is zo belangrijk! Het meest belangrijke voor mij is, wanneer de kinderen uit hun dak gaan en dat ik een hoop LEKKER hoor!
Vandaag, dinsdag, 8 april 2008 stond er op ons menu:

- knoflook aardappeltjes/ - vis, Grieks gemarineerd/ - gemengde salade met feta kaas (Grieks) en veel groenten, tomaten en eieren.

En ja.....De mannen waren blij.....Ook het kleine hondenmannetje, dat een klein stukje ei mocht proeven. Natuurlijk het witte gedeelte van een ei en ja....het was een heel klein stukje.......

maandag 7 april 2008

Let me think...../Laat me denken......

Marjolein, I have the answer on your question!
I think I am going to scrap my Barbie-pictures on the very pinky spread!

Marjolein, ik heb het antwoord op jouw vraag!
Ik denk, dat ik mijn Barbie-foto's op de wel erg roze spread ga scrappen.

zondag 6 april 2008


Another LO were I can put a lot of photo's on and in....
I know...It's an old paper and very pink, but I just like it!
I want to make another one in these colors and make a spread.
Have to find the same paper in my stock, ha, ha...
Just a moment!
Nog een lay out waar ik veel foto's op en in kan verwerken.....
Ik weet het....Een oud papier-lijntje en erg roze, maar ik vind het wel leuk!
Ik wil nog even eentje maken in deze kleuren zodat het een spread wordt.
Moet even hetzelfde vinden in mijn voorraad.
Dus even geduld nog!

Yep! I had a sleepless night....Not the dog!/ Ja..Ik had een slapeloze nacht. De hond niet!

As you can see (my eyes!) I had a sleepless night. I was worried this little fellow would miss his mom and his brothers/sister.....
No way.....
He had a wonderful night and now he is sleeping again!
Zoals jullie kunnen zien (mijn ogen!) had ik een slapeloze nacht. Ik was bezorgd of deze kleine man zijn mama en zijn broertjes/zusje zou missen....
Helemaal niet....
Hij had een heerlijke nacht en nu slaapt hij alweer!

zaterdag 5 april 2008

Close up!

Look at his little feet....
And his little puppy-face......
This is.....Unconditional........................
LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kijk naar zijn kleine voetjes.....
En zij kleine puppy-koppie........
Dit is........Onvoorwaardelijk.....................

Sleeping beauty!/ Doornroosje!

Little Odie was so tired. Went to sleep and I am almost a little jealous.....
What a wonderful place to be!
He really likes it!
Kleine Odie was zo moe. Hij ging slapen en ik ben bijna een beetje jaloers.....
Wat een heerlijk plaatsje!
Hij vindt het prima!

Odie meets....Odie!/ Odie ziet ....Odie!

This was sooooo funny to see! The pup saw himself in the mirror....Started barking! CUTE....
Dit was errrrugggggg grappig te zien! De pup zag
zich zelf in de spiegel.....Begon te blaffen! GRAPPIG!

Playing together/ Samen spelen.

Here Ingmar and Odie are playing with a tennis bal.
Ingmar en Odie spelen hier met een tennisbal.

My personal assistent: Odie!/Mijn persoonlijke assistent: Odie!

Ain't he a cutie pie?
Is het geen schatje?

Odie in the yard: finally at home!

Just like he never did something else before!/Net alsof hij nooit iets anders geeft gedaan!

It was so natural to be in the car! Odie did not cry: just went to sleep!
Het was erg natuurlijk om in de auto te zijn! Odie huilde niet: hij ging lekker slapen!

Ingmar and his little friend/ Ingmar en zijn kleine vriend.

The car was a new experience for all of us in this setting, but it went very well!
De auto was een nieuwe ervaring voor ons allemaal in deze samenstelling, maar het ging erg goed!

Here he is: ODIE!/En hier is hij dan: ODIE!

Odie is in the back with his brothers and his sister.
He was ready to come with us and he behaved very good in the car!
Odie is achteraan bij zijn broertjes en zusje.
Hij was klaar met ons mee te gaan en hij gedroeg zich erg goed in de auto!

Thizzzz isssz thie DAY!!!!!

Hold your breath....
Today is thie DAY!!!!!
We are going to get our doggie!
Odie is COMING!!!!!
Boy, oh boy....
We are so excited: can hardly wait!

Hou je adem in.....
Vandaag is DEEE DAG!
Odie komt!!!!
We zijn zo opgewonden: kunnen bijna niet wachten!

dinsdag 1 april 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: week 14> Looking forward in april to..........

Sorry for this very bad picture, but......I just couldn't wait..... We are all so looking forward to the new love in our lifes, called......Odie! This little guy is walking into our home next week and YES> we did check the list several times..... We are READY for you little puppy! LAZY DAY'S ARE OVER! WELCOME IN PLAY- and BONELAND!!!!

Sorry voor deze slechte foto, maar....Ik kon niet wachten.....We kijken allen zo uit naar de nieuwe liefde in ons leven, genaamd.....Odie! Dit kleine mannetje zal vanaf de volgende week in ons huis binnen stappen en ja> we hebben de lijst meerdere malen nagekeken.......We zijn klaar voor dit baby-hondje!