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zondag 30 september 2007


It is really autumn here: storm and rain....We have had them both!
it is time to get ready for some Christmas decorations, so I designed a nice december calender in scrap-style.
It really turned out nice and I will put it on the blog next week.
First I want to enjoy it myself for a little while. Yep! It's hanging in the living room allready.
This room is getting to small for all the projects..........
I also made a LO with a lot of sunflowers......
The kids passed a test to be a first aid-help and they got a sunflower with their diplom.
I really liked the idea that they were my first "sunflowers"in 2002 at that school.
I will publish it also next week.
For now.....Get ready for monday again!

Lots of scrap-love, Scrappy Jen D.

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Marjolein zei

Ok, it IS next week now Jen.. com'on.... post the thing.... I'm curious!!!!!