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zondag 8 juni 2008

Björn discovering.........

Today, the second sunday in june it is again a warm and lovely day.....
While dad and Ingmar went off for a ZOO day in Emmen, Björn, Odie and me stayed home and took it very easy.
Björn discovered how to swing (YES! WITHOUT ANY HELP!!!), landed on his butt in the soft grass(no pain and no regrets.....Nothing happened to Björn) and discovered Odie's little tail and.....that Odie can kiss.......
What a great treasures on only ONE DAY!!!!!
As you can see: the dog is so sweet for Björn and he has a lot of patience with a boy like Björn.
I think I can be proud of all of my boy's!!!!
Have a lovely sunday and enjoy all the things around you that you LOVE so much!
Catch U later, Jen.

3 opmerkingen:

Mireille zei

Ziet er allemaal erg gezellig uit!

Marjolein zei

Oh Jen, this is so great!! I think Bjorn's pretty clever, swinging in the hammock!! Love to see him and Odie playing together!!

Je@net zei

Oh, wat een lieve foto's weer Jen! Echt een dag met een gouden randje!!
En wat een gave projecten staan er weer op je blog!!
Superdepuper meis!!