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vrijdag 13 juni 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: operation 24> WATER.

No matter WHAT or HOW.....
We all need WATER!
I know water can be a burden when it will be there at once and it will overflow your house, your village and it will take away the people you love......
I know that there's a huge need for clean water in Africa......And in other countrie's on this planet.
I know the polar-ice is melting and this is a threat for polar bears and other pretty animals.......
I know a lot of water and I like to drink our clean tap-water with some icecubes in it......
But.....Were I am really aware of is this: We have to learn our children to be grateful that we have plenty water every day, so let's not WASTE it!
And my prayer is: Please......Let there be plenty for all!
Elise was a little late and Peter took the camera with him to make pic's of Björn, so....
Sorry you all had to wait for this one!
Have a nice weekend!

4 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Wat een gave pagina heb je ervan gemaakt Jen!! Super hoor! En wat het verspillen van water betreft, heb je helemaal gelijk!

Wat een prachtige foto's van Bjorn op het paard! Dat hij ervan geniet is wel duidelijk zeg! Heerlijk om te zien!

Marjolein zei

Wonderful Jen!! Great page!!

mary zei

what a beautiful tribute to water!!

Vanessa, Florida, USA zei

Great challenge and perfectly stated! Thanks for sharing!