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woensdag 19 november 2008

Inside decorations for Saint Nicholas.

I have to explain something, because a lot of people outside The netherlands didn't understand my Dutch story with the funny pictures on my blog.
On the fifth of december we celebrate Saint Nicholas his birthday. Saint comes every year to Holland and Belgian by boat. He lives in Spain with his helpers, Black Peters. On the fifth of december all the kids do get presents and if your house has a chimney, Black Peter is throwing the presents in the chimney, while the ol' Saint rides his horse on the roofs. Before bedtime the children have to sing a Saint-song and the put their shoe next to the stove (with water or a carrot for the horse or drawings for Saint and Black Peter) in the hope the old man will give some treats or a small present.
This is a book .....There are hundreds of books about Saint Nicholas and children just love the story! I made this Black Peter myself a long time ago. It is a hand-doll, so you can play with it.
I hope my friends all over the world do understand now, why I was in the harbour! I had to help Saint Nicholas a little and bring him safely to the kids, who were waiting for the boat!

It is quite an event in the whole country! The Saint is very popular and he is on the television and radio every day!
Since hundreds of years the Dutch people celebrate this feast once a year.
We also have Christmas, but Santa is not as popular as our Saint Nicholas.
Though Christmas is getting more and more popular, too.
Have a nice day, Jen.