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vrijdag 28 november 2008

Saint Nick.

I finally did finish my St. Nick's spread!
I used a stamp (right page) from DE STEMPELWINKEL ( and a Magnolia stamp (left page).
The gingernuts (Dutch pepernoten) I made with clay. After drying, I used the crop-a-dile to make little circle's. The flower JOY is made with alcohol inkt (also from DE STEMPELWINKEL). Jetske, the alcohol ink is GORGEOUS!!! PRETTY COLORS!!
The black heart, arrow and other embellishments are made with the cricut. St. Nick's hat I made my self with red material.
It is "my story"......How I used to believe in the Dutch Saint Nick and his Black Pietermannen......
How I was singing in the corridor and my dad or mom would fill my shoe with special St. Nick's candy, like chocolate horses, gingernuts and other goodies.
Have a nice day and thank you for leaving a comment!
Hug, Jen.

7 opmerkingen:

Riet zei

wat is dat mooi gemaakt Jen.

liefs Riet.

Marjolein zei

Wat leuk Jen, zo met die stempels erbij, vind die op de rechterpagina echt passen bij de tekst, het "traditionele".. Lief Magnoliatje hoor!!!

a portland granny zei

Great pages. Is your book 8 x 8? I have never seen so many ideas that you come up with. So fun to look at and enjoy. I think I shall start one for January 2009. I will email you for more details. I want a fun one with lots of pics etc.

Mireille zei

ziet er goed uit! Geniet je óók zo van de sint??
Hij kwam gisteren bij ons koffie drinken..
Amber was echt COMPLEET onder de indruk!

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