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zondag 12 april 2009

Easter-brunch 2009.

Ofcourse we had a wonderful Eastertable this morning....
But the search for chocolate eggs in the yard is history.
The boy's are tooooo OLD for this job!
Yesterday I talked about the fun we alway's had with the chocolate eggs. Pa did hide them and we had to find them.
Ingmar looked at me like he was stoken by a fly!
"What a bomber, mah! I'm too old for that kind of...."
Ok! He made his point,ha, ha...
Today we did something else: We made a photoshoot and we also did egg-ticking, just like Pieky does at her Eastertable. You tick boiled eggs and when it breaks, you have to eat the egg. Look....
We had a lot of EASTER-FUN in the morning allready!
Hope you all enjoy EASTER!
Big hug, Jen.

2 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Dat ziet er gezellig uit meid!! Egg hunts zijn hier ook, maar ook niet meer voor mijn meiden hoor, die zijn ook veeeel te groot daarvoor!

Riet zei

was het lekker schatten.

liefs Riet.xxxx