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dinsdag 7 april 2009


I couldn't wait anymore....
I had to see the NEW PAPER&PICTURES store in Doorn by my self...And then I got a sweet mail from Truike.....I called Tius and yes! Sunday, the fifth of april we went to Doorn together and OMG!!!!!!
This is really THE WALHALLA for scrapping people!
It was overwelming! When I was ready shopping there were people in front of me with scrapstuff I didn't even see....And I had the honour to meet Ingrid in real! ANd Tinus was in front of the store and was happy too. And we met our goof friend ANS! This was a golden day!
Reasons enough to go BACK SOON!
You really have to see this for yourself!
Have a nice time, Jen, who is very ...VERY HAPPY WITH ALL HER GOODIES.....

2 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Wow, looks great Jen, I would love to shop around in that store!

**SCRAP-GEK** zei

ooooooooh helemala super hoe je het allemaal verteld Jen!!! hihihihi! ben benieuwd wat je allemala gekocht hebt...maar vast veeeeel moois, want er staat alleen maar moois! LOL! :-) groetjes Marije.