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vrijdag 6 november 2009

JEN's Challenge, week 45: 6 november 2009: grapes/druiven.

It's grapes-time!
We all love them and we grow them in our own yard!
Peter is so very, very proud of his home grown grapes.
Some people think it is too cold in The Netherlands for grapes, but I must say: When you let them grow on a sunny spot in the yard, they will do what they have to do:


Have a nice day,


2 opmerkingen:

a portland granny zei

Oh yum, grapes!! Does he make any wine with them? I have a large bunch of grapes to put away (from the grocery store). I think grapes are a treat to most people.

Nicolas is coming to live with me for a while, so my shopping has expanded!

Hope you are well.

Je@net zei

Ooo ja, er gaat niets boven je eigen oogst! Ook hier hebben we de afgelopen maanden gesmuld van onze eigen druiven!