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donderdag 27 oktober 2011

We let go our adopted seals with school.

Saturday, 22 sd of october we went with the parents and students of our small school to Lauwersoog. The seals-creche Lenie 't Hart in Pieterburen hired a boat for the whole school to give our two adopted seals there freedom back!
What an EVENT!
What a wonderful happening!
What a school to be proud of and what a great kids to run for saving animals! GOOD JOB! These kids are real HERO'S!
So...Diderik and Alicia are swimming some were in the sea now, eating fish and having fun!
Hope you all like this!

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a portland granny zei

I wondered where you were!! I was hoping you weren't sick.

The seal story sounds wonderful. The pictures were great!

Egypt--what beauty and grandour--Glad you two got away by yourselves.

Your stamping days with your friends looked like a busy, fun time. Who are the two girls from Portland and what is the name of their store? Would love to visit--at least their website!