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zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: operation 43> MUSIC!

This week the operation is MUSIC!
What means music to me?
A LOT! As a child I had great times at wedding anniversary's. We had a great family then and the bonds were close, so there was a lot to celebrate! As you can see on this old photo......
The family was singing and dancing and little me? I used to climb on the table's and sang my heart out for the family. I still remember a song.....I was three and I misunderstood the lines, so I was singing: "Janie, Janie, pak me nog een keer!"instead of: "Janus, Janus....."
But this was so funny to the grownups!

Now....I am a "big"girl......Guess what? I met a professional singer, we got friends and now we are singing together and we are "in training", because we have our first concert in march 2009.
It will be nothing special, but it's FUN and what I did as a small kid, I am going to do now for real: SINGING! CROSS YOUR FINGERS, GIRLS, hi, hi.........
Have a nice weekend,

3 opmerkingen:

Elly zei

Owwwww... meid toch, wat verwen je ons weer met al deze eye-candy! Je challenge is echt supergaaf, lekker artsy, maar ook je boekje met labels vind ik prachtig! Je cd-blikjes zijn ook heel schattig geworden. Wat lief dat Peter elk jaar met Björn naar Disney gaat (alhoewel het voor hem ook vast geen straf is!). Ik heb ook nog zo'n blikje liggen en eigenlijk nog steeds niets mee gedaan, bedankt voor de inspiratie!!! Fijn weekend nog, lieve groetjes Elly

Marjolein zei

Love this page Jen, great with the lace and other embellishments and the old photo... I so adore those!

I wish you lots of luck in your singing career and if you ever bring out a cd..... let me know ok?


**SCRAP-GEK** zei

oooooh hij is weer prachtig meis!!! en wat een mooi verhaal erachter! super1 succes met zingen! leuk! groetjes marije.