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zondag 1 februari 2009


Thank you, dear Mireille for tagging me!
When you get tagged, you have to "dig" in your pics on the computer. Every 6 th map and in this map you have to find your 6 th picture....
This one you blog and you tell your story/ memories about this photo. he is...Our little ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE ODIE THE FIRST....
He was and still is soooooo CUTE and we ALL LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH!!!
This was may 2008 in the yard and he had soo much fun playing.
But...when he got tired, he just fell down, turned on his back and gave us the look: PLEASE...HAVE MERCY!

Love Jen.

The six people I tag are:

1. Riet
3. Pieky

Have fun, girls!
I love you all, Jen.

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Riet zei

wat heb je dat weer prachtig gemaakt Jen.

liefs Riet.