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woensdag 11 februari 2009

Building...Mess....Hungry builders and wet snow!

Hello dear girls and all the people who read this blog! you can see: the barn was moved from the left side to the right side and boy...did the men worked hard! During the wet snow storms they did continue! We really appreciate this! The builders really loved the warm soup and the coffe with some cookies.
Amazing how 5 men can do soooo much work in one day!
I know it is their job, but I am grateful!
They really make it a little easier for us: they are enthousiastic and happy hearts!
Peter has a nice plan: when it's ready and the weather will turn out nice, we should invite these people over for a nice bbq!
I did make the challenge ALMOST VALENTINE>
I will blog it as soon as possible.
Hope to make the challenge AGE tonight.
Have a nice time and till tomorrow,


3 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Zo he, er wordt hard gewerkt in jullie tuin!! Fijn joh! Nu maar hopen dat het allemaal voorspoedig gaat en snel klaar is!

Pieky zei

hallo Jenny,

Fijn dat er getart is met de bouw.
Moet je niet aan denken toch dat je met dit koude weer buiten aan het werk moet,
succes en groet

a portland granny zei

What fun for you to watch this building be completed. Looks like a muddy mess right now. Hope the weather gets dryer for your builders.

I think the BBQ sounds like a wonderful idea!