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vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE 24: 12 th of june '09> WORK TO DO!

I am alway's working...
My hands are never on my lap....
They are alway's doing something.
On the plane, in a hotelroom, at school, at the daycarecentre, at home...
No matter were I am: I am alwy's a busy bee and I will be this way untill the end, I guess....
I love being busy!
When I am not working?
I must be ill then!
Have a great evening and now you almost did see all the work I did last week to get up with my own CHALLENGES!
Bye, bye, Jen.

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a portland granny zei

This is going to cover all of you recent posts. First of all, I loved your cards, and the one you sent me. So pretty. I enjoyed your book that you have brought up to date. How I would love to hold it in my hands and really looks through all of the wonderful details!! I am glad you had a great time on your trip. It is the highlight of my summer to meet you, Jen, and the 'men'. You are such a jolly, happy family, despite all that you bear--What a wonderful admosphere you provide for your boys--such love and acceptance of everyone!

Blessings on you dear one--Enjoy your week-end!