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vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE 26: 26 june '09> SUMMER!

I can't tell you all how I was longing for an Oregonian SUMMER!
A summer with only warm and fun day's! A summer in shorts all the time and walking bare foots in the snow on my beautiful Mount Hood!
And here it is!
My favorite mountain in Oregon: me in my shorts, walking in the cold snow, happy to cool off by making snowballs and throw them to Ingmar.
Thanks sweety for making this wonderful picture of mom!
By the way: here I was walking with my shoes on, but believe me: I really walked bare foot in this wonderful snow!
Kiss, Jen.

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Riet zei

Wat schitterend gemaakt Lieverd.
Je bent zo kei daar in.

Knuffel Riet.xx