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zondag 16 augustus 2009

Little gifts for a friend.

This morning I made some little gifts for a friend.
She is ill and I hope these small presents will cheer her up a little.
The candybox is made from a (clean) McDonalds-box. The one they put your yummie French fries in!
Isn't it a cutie-pie?
I just loved the idea of turning it into a candybox.
One tag has a nice swirl-stamp and the other one has a stamp: you'r special. The card was a try out, too! I cut a piece out of the center and taped a little "window"in it. So there's space to put something in. I decorated it quite simple with some paper lace and some flowers.
Well...anyway, it was fun to make these items for a special friend!
Have a nice sunday,

5 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Hi Jen
Wat een super leuk cadeautje zeg!! Dat zal vast en zeker in de smaak vallen!

a portland granny zei

Jen, those are beautiful and I know your friend will love them. I am interested in the company you design for. I visited there and loved their stuff, but of course can't read a word. Are they a mail order company, and do they do overseas orders? Do you know? When I have a chance to look at it carefully, I will email you my questions.

Riet zei

Ohhh wowww Jenny,wat is dit weer allemaal schitterend gemaakt zeg.
Wat een leuk idee,met dat lekkers er in,mmmmm.
Slecht voor me lijn.
Sterkte vandaag lieverd je moet weer beginnen.
Hoop voor je dat het allemaal mee mag vallen.

Dikke knuffel,

Romy zei

Wat prachtig gemaakt, Jen! Het ziet er echt supermooi uit.

Marjolein zei

Oh, this is great Jenny, and it's also great to see you can alter the fry boxes LOL

Hope your friend feels better soon, especially with these gifts!