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vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

JÉN'S CHALLENGE 25: 19 june '09> Career.

For a long time I was thinking and hoping that my career would have been a smooth one, but....With a boy like Björn at home, we had to make some decisions....
Those decisions ment (for us as parents) that our careers will continue for ever....
The daycarecentre is quite a job to do and believe me...End of august the Dutch GGD will visit us for the second time to inspect on the safety and quality.
Keep your fingers crossed!
Love, Jen.

3 opmerkingen:

Riet zei

Ohhh wat is dit weer prachtig gemaakt Jenny,mooie foto,s.
En wat een mooi papier en de kleuren super.

Fijn weekend lieverd.
Dikke knuffel Riet.xx

Marjolein zei

Wow Jenny, you did a great job on all the pages, love love love the family picture of you guys!!
Lovely paper as Riet says.

Have a great weekend sweetie!

Mireille zei

succes schat!
enne.. blij dat je weer terug bent
mooi werk!