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zondag 12 februari 2012

More icefun!

This all was last friday. I knew Ingmar went skating in our neighbourhood, so I sneaked out of the house with the camera. Fifteen year old boy's do not like camera's. At least.....Ingmar doesn't like to pose in front of it, but this time he really made it an easy and relaxed photoshoot, ha, ha....
I think he felt sorry for me, because I have to skip the active skating fun this year.
Usely son and mom are skating together, so this must have been a little lonely for him as well.
After some funny pictures my "lonely skater"went on.....
He skated and skated untill the sun went under.....
How I love my pretty skater and his big brother, who came to the ice and stood on the wooden bridge with granny to support his brother.
A proud and loving mom.

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Romy zei

Zo te zien heeft Ingmar genoten van het schaatsweer! En jij indirect ook, ondanks de pech van de gipsarm, door hem zo goed op de foto te krijgen:)