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vrijdag 27 maart 2009

The building proces is almost done!

Today the people worked very hard again and the ceiling was placed with the lamps. Ofcourse the floor has to dry, so that will take some day's....The central heating is snorring, so this will help a little! It looks so good! I can still not believe how pretty it al is! The men left it behind very clean! My compliments to all the hard workers!
Hug, Jen.

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a portland granny zei

I'm so excited for you at the way your building is coming along!! It is wonderful! When will you begin taking kids? Also, wondered what month you are coming to Oregon. I want to be sure and be here!

Hve fun fixing your building. I know you will have it creative and inviting inside, as well as outside!

I finally updated my main blog after a seven week rest.

Je@net zei

Wat ziet het er al gaaf uit Jen. Gaat hard nu!!
Goed weekend!

Marjolein zei

Wow Jenny, that looks so great!! I'm so happy for you that it starting to look like something and you can do what you want to for so long!
Hope the floor is dry soon sweetie!!