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vrijdag 6 maart 2009


Today my friend Tineke came to me with a terrible experience....
Somebody asked her for help and she did help him out, but....he seemed to be a terrible person and did steel money from her...
Poor darling.....
She is such a good heart....
Her helping hand made her loose all her faith in people....
How can people damage a person like this???
I do not understand these creatures....
I have mistakes, but I will never hurt people on purpose!
This week I ask all of you:


In God? In a person? Or are there more good people?


Have a good evening,
love you,

4 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Oh no...... this is so wrong..... why on earth do people act like this! I sure hope Tineke is ok....and that her trust in people will be back soon!!!

Elly zei

Nou jáááá zeg!!!! Dat is toch weer te gek voor woorden! Ik ben zelf ook nogal goed van vertrouwen, maar dat blijkt dus toch echt niet meer te kunnen! Mooi woord voor deze week, ik heb net week 7 en 8 afgemaakt, nu nog de sport en deze dus. Hier moet ik echt eventjes over nadenken hoor, voor de journaling!

a portland granny zei

I'm so sorry about your friend. Once I let a "friend" invest a lot of money for me and it was all lost. I learned a lesson that day Be wise--always check out a person thoroughly before giving money to them.

I trust most people I know well, have great trust in my God, and do not trust my government!! That's my list!!

Have a good day. It will take your friend a long time to get over this betrayal, but she will be wiser because of it!

Je@net zei

Jeetje zeg, da's me nou ook wat!

Wat gaat de bouw hard zeg, super hoor. Ziet er mooi uit.

En er staan weer mooie projecten van je op Jen, leuk die challenge!

Fijne zondag.