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vrijdag 20 maart 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE week 12: 20 march '09> HEALTH.

I know....
We do not think about good health every day....
At least not when we feel good....
But then.....your world can get upside down in only one moment....
The moment the doctor is telling you that you have breast cancer.....
Or your friend's husband calls you early in the morning to tell you that she is very ill and she won't be there for your morning together.....
Or you feel that your poor body is telling you: ENOUGH! YOU WORK TOOOOOO HARD AND THE WORRIES ARE TOOOOOO MUCH AND TO HEAVY!
What to do?
It is a gift to be healthy and to stay healthy!
I have day's that I think of some people who are very ill or they can not do what they would like to do....
Yes, I think of you in Canada and you in Zeeland, and you in IJmuiden.....And of you in Spijk.....
I think of three lovely girls in Oregon.....I wish I had some magic!
I hope a lot of you get the strenght to go on!
Love, Jen.

4 opmerkingen:

Elly zei

Lieve Jen, een post om kippevel van te krijgen! Wat leef je toch met iedereen mee! Neem je niet teveel op je schouders? Volgens mij loopt je hoofd nog om!
Gelukkig wordt jullie opvang prachtig, het zou mooi zijn als dat eenmaal achter de rug is.
Ik vind het wel een heel mooi woord voor de challenge, weer eentje om over na te denken!

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