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vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Jen's challenge week 41, friday 9 october 09> CLINICLOWNS.

Some weeks ago I did tell you that october is international the month of PINK RIBBON!
But....there is another item I want your attention for!


These clowns and the organisation behind these clowns are very important for children all over the world! In fact, Cliniclowns can make miracles come true!

A cliniclown was the first person who made contact with our Bjòrn after he lost his mind.

We are very lucky to see their theatertour every year!
So...we went to Bakkeveen to enjoy this happening and afterwards we went on the picture with cliniclown Timo!

Thank you dearest cliniclowns and all the volonteers who made this show happen!
Let us all support the CLINICLOWNS!
For the joy of a lot of children and their family´s!
Big hug,

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