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vrijdag 2 juli 2010

Bo and Odie.

Odie got a visitor. Specially for him!
His name is Bo and at first Odie had to show Bo WHO'S THE BOSS in HIS YARD!
That was quite impressive to see, because Bo is stronger and bigger then Odie, but...
Bo is wise, so he admitted to Odie that Odie really is the boss!
After this they started playing as good pets and boy....did the "boy's" PLAY! They could hardly stop anymore! They ran as mad men's! The kids had to sit and I told them: STAY were you are, because the dogs run so FAST and they are so playful: they do not think of kids. They will run you over!
I was afraid they would run down the toddlers! But the children loved to watch the dogs and as you can see for yourself: IT WAS DOGGIE FUN!
Now we are waiting for JOY!
I made a nice Welcome Puppy book for Jaap en Marian, who will pick up their new puppie Joy.
I will show the book after this.
Bye, Jen.

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