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zondag 4 juli 2010

Joy for real!

And there she was!
Last night Jaap and Marian came to visit us with there puppy JOY!
How wonderful and adorable she is!
Odie was a little nervous seeing such a youngster, but he did a great job!
He accepted her right away! And Bjòrn was sooooo in love with the pup: he gave her kisses and hugs.
Joy played with Odie and she was at home right away! Then she got tired and I gave Marian a towel to wrap her up....
Little Joy fell asleep....
Isn´t she lovely?

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Je@net zei

Wat een leuke cadeautjes heb je gemaakt, Jen!!
En die foto's, zoooo lief! Boekje voor Joy is ook al zo keileuk geworden!!
Fijne week gewenst!