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donderdag 8 juli 2010


I made this giftbox for a very sweet mother.
I met her in Garmerwolde because her son was in my classroom and her girl goes to this school, too.
Coming sunday Hilke (that's her name) invited me and Björn to enjoy the ponycamp on her farm. A lot of my "old-students"will be there too and we will do some horse riding!
She also invited me for lunch, so I will bring apples for the horses, something nice to snack for 20 kids and this giftbox (with candy) for Hilke.
I like the colors so much....
I think I will make some more...
My mother-in-law her Birthday is coming up, too. Perhaps she will like a box like this!
Have a wonderful evening where ever you are,
Hug, Jen.

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Riet zei

Wat een prachtige doos Jenny,heel mooi papier en details.

Liefs Riet.xx