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zaterdag 31 december 2011

Say goodbye to the old year and my last project for 2011!

This year was hectic!
Work piled up and the daycare really has grown! Lots of new kids coming in and some did say goodbye, cause their mommy stayed at home. For some parents daycare gets too expensive, but we still do very well. Still growing!
We had to say goodbye to a beloved person some weeks ago and that hurts, but life goed on....
Life goes really fast and I want to take the time to think things over. Specially today!
The last day of the year! boy's and doggie, have a lot to be grateful for!
This month a lot of people showed us how much they love us.
Love us for what we do for them and for their children!
I am so very grateful for all the gifts, the flowers from the men who did the roadconstruction in our street! We gave them soup when it was cold, we gave them water for their coffee and they appreciated it so much! They gave us wonderful Christmas bouquet! The candy....The wonderful home made gifts I received from my dearest friend Lilly in Austria( how very happy I am with this all and how grateful I am for such a special friendship!).
We had special breads for breakfast, rendeer cheese which especially Björn loved! We had home made turkey and we had each other! I am so proud and happy with my boy's and our sweet doggie Odie, my husband Peter and our little home on the prairie.....
I am grateful that Björn is still alive and living with us! We are one happy family and I am grateful for everything!
Also grateful to the people who follow my little blog....
Thank you all for your sweet and wonderful comments and may God bless you all!
Too bad that there is still family who are mad at us.....????
I have NO IDEA WHY????
But that's ok...
They miss out a lot!
They miss the goodness and the love of my boy's Björn and Ingmar and I think that is very sad for them!
Too all of you: here is also my last 2011 project made of scraps! It's a mobile and I made it out of an empty spool with Marianne Design paper scraps and flower mirrors. It's looking a little vintage and how I love the Marianne Design rendeers! Hope you enjoy this little project as well as I do!
Have an wonderful day and enjoy to night wherever you are in this big, wild world! Wish you all for 2012: warmth, happiness, love and a lot of health!
Goodbye my dear family & friends and we'll meet again in 2012!
Hugs to all and all my love,

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a portland granny zei

Oh Jenny--another year gone so quickly. My love and hugs to all of you amd blessings for the new year.

Love all of the pretties you make--so beautiful and lovely.
Take care.
Joan in Portland

scrappy jen d zei

DEarest Joan in Portland,
How I do miss you my dear!
I hope to visit you coming summer and I hope to give you a huge hug and kiss!
How grateful I am with your friendship!
Thank you for all your inspiration and your lovely words!
I really do love you and cherish our friendship!
Take care sweety!
Also behave on the men:big kisses and a huge hug,
tje men and Jen.

Margie zei

Happy times in 2012 from all in Ireland, big hugs, Margie.