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maandag 28 april 2008

All Mexican!

With this mini-book I tried to win a scrapbook-title!
Too bad.....The jury didn't choose for my book.
What to say?
Things can be worse and life goes on!
I like my book: it is very special to me and I love Mexico and the Mexican history and culture!
I love the people there and their food.....
The colors!
It was a very wonderful trip and it made me able to make a book of this trip to honour this beautiful country!
I felt very welcome and people were so open. Ofcourse my Spanish is lousy, but I was able to talk with them. If you try, people are so happy and helpfull!
If you can: go fot it and find out how these people really live! You'll be amazed! Mexico is such a beautiful country!
I hope I can go there again for some time.
And for the girls who are one of the three?

Have a wonderful day, Scrappy Jen D.

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