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donderdag 17 april 2008

Spring: TULIP.....

I just love this photo, taken by my husband Peter.
I painted the edges of the picture with crackle paint.
I realize that the colors red and pink are a little odd to use for a spring-LO, but I think it looks nice.
By the it felt like spring really started!
Doggie and me had some fun out in the yard and Odie got soooooo very tired of gardening!
Have a nice day and enjoy the beauty of spring!

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Marjolein zei

I TOTALLY LOVE THIS!!! Why wouldn't red and pink do as Spring colors??? I think it's gorgeous, love the dolly you've used, I did that too last week, gives a great effect don't you think!?
Did you paint the cardstock red or... is that my imagination??