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dinsdag 1 april 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: week 14> Looking forward in april to..........

Sorry for this very bad picture, but......I just couldn't wait..... We are all so looking forward to the new love in our lifes, called......Odie! This little guy is walking into our home next week and YES> we did check the list several times..... We are READY for you little puppy! LAZY DAY'S ARE OVER! WELCOME IN PLAY- and BONELAND!!!!

Sorry voor deze slechte foto, maar....Ik kon niet wachten.....We kijken allen zo uit naar de nieuwe liefde in ons leven, genaamd.....Odie! Dit kleine mannetje zal vanaf de volgende week in ons huis binnen stappen en ja> we hebben de lijst meerdere malen nagekeken.......We zijn klaar voor dit baby-hondje!

4 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Dear Jenny!
I got my painting clothes on already but had to hop to your blog first! I LOVE THIS PAGE!!! and it's almost next week......yeaaah, great!!! And yes, that's really something to look forward to!
I realized there's more in live then I thougth, see my blog LOL

(do your mail later, gotta paint!)

Marjolein zei

I meant thought instead of the other letter mixe-up ha, ha!

Lis zei

Oh he is just adoreable,great page :)

Melanie zei

Odie is just adorable, I love this page Jenny.

Thank you for visiting my blog.