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zaterdag 5 april 2008

Odie meets....Odie!/ Odie ziet ....Odie!

This was sooooo funny to see! The pup saw himself in the mirror....Started barking! CUTE....
Dit was errrrugggggg grappig te zien! De pup zag
zich zelf in de spiegel.....Begon te blaffen! GRAPPIG!

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namesconnie zei

Nothing like a puppy to bring lots of joy to your life. Loved your photos of you and your family with the puppy. So cute and a cute name, too. He looks like Odie from Garfield, too. I think you have a very sweet life and I hope I can portray my life a little better on my blog, too. Thanks for the inspiration. Sincerely, Connie PS My kids hate their photos taken, so no luck there. Well, maybe I can post some of their baby photos, LOL.