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vrijdag 8 augustus 2008


Wednesday I had the great honour to meet all the friends of Marjolein on her PARTY!
It was a wonderful day and we all made a lot of fun!
I really admire all these famous scrapping-girls very much!
This morning I had a nice comment from Mireille Divjak on my blog......
She left me a "little"something......?
Girl?! A little something??????
Mireille AWARDED me.....!!! Me!!! Thank you, sweety......
This AWARD is very special and precious to me!
And I am in such GOOD COMPANY, because Mireille awarded Jeanet, Tammie, Marije and Marjolein too......!!!!
You made my day and believe me: this is the wind beneath my wings!!!
Have a nice day!
I love your blog, Mireille!

1 opmerking:

Mireille zei

oh maaaaaaaaaan
I wish everybody would be so enthousiastic with rewards!!!!
Will keep it in mind.. and hon!
It's VERY VERY well deserved!!!

*big hugs*