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vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

Front yard.

While we have to dig out all the plants in the back yard to make space for the building (daycare-centre), Peter works also very hard to re-plant everything we want to keep.
By the way...This was before Björn's operation.
Right now, Peter and myself are with Björn all the time.
He does well, very well, but.....
Once in a while he wants to touch his nose and HE'S NOT ALLOWED !
Besides this...Every now and then Björn is not connected anymore.....
Looks like the plug is out and he's far, far away these moments, so we have to pay attention!
But we have nothing to complain about!
Thank God there is a special leave in the Netherlands, so we can take care of him coming 2 weeks.

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**SCRAP-GEK** zei

jeetje...heel veel sterkte meis! fijn dat de operatie goed verlopen is! groetjes marije.