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zondag 10 augustus 2008


I treated myself on old fashioned Dutch Dahlia's......

Hansome in red!

Waiting for his breakfast!

Fresh pine apple

for the sweet and sour chicken and

rice> din-din for


Homemade tomatosoup.

Yes...I know sunday is a day to relax and do nothing, but......
With B'jörn on board, we usuly split up part of the sunday....Peter takes Ingmar to the cinema, so they can have some quality time and meanwhile I make myself useful to put Björn in the tubb, wash and dry him, put close on him, feed him and prepare the coming day's meals. Ofcourse there will be some goodies for this day, too!
Like home made fresh tomatosoup and chocolate muffins....In and between I work with my Truus (vacuum cleaner) and clean the bathroom and tubb.....And when all the work is done.......I can have my little scrapping quality time!

3 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Ik hoor het al....ondanks alle druktes een gezellige zondag!!
Prachtige bloemen zeg en Ingmar ziet er super stralend uit zo!!

Je@net zei

Oeps.....sorry Bjorn!! JIJ ziet er natuurlijk stralend uit in je rode kleren!!

Ice-Angel zei

Hey dixon girl, found ya ;-)
lekkere hapjes hoor op de foto, kryg je honger van hihi.
En mooie bloemen zeg!