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vrijdag 16 januari 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE: week 3/ 16 th of january 2009 : WINTER- FLOWER(S).

This week I found in my yard this wonderful Helleborus. In The Netherlands we call it the Christmas-rose. I was soooo surprised to see this wonderful winter-flower! Due to the bitter freezing cold it is blooming and sooo alive!
I am thrilled by roses and this "winter-rose"makes my day!
I did not feel depressed anymore( rain makes me feel alway's so ....) , but the blooming flowers showed me the way to open up and enjoy all the signs of coming spring!
The tree's are getting ready for the new leaves again!
This flower is my favorite WINTER-flower!
Do you have one? Or do you love the ice-chrystals who look like flowers?
Or do you buy your favorite flower(s) during wintertime?
Just let us know!
I hope you love flowers as much as I do!
Have a nice day and I hope to make my third page this afternoon, so I can blog it tonight!
Have FUN,
big hug and a lot of inspiration for all,

4 opmerkingen:

a portland granny zei

What a beautiful, delicate flower. We have some early spring bulbs called crocus. They are just peeking through the soil, ready to eventuallly break into bloom! I can hardly wait!! Its been a long winter!

M@risk@ zei

Daar wordt je helemaal blij van.

Marjolein zei

What a lovely flower Jenny, that sure is a sign of spring..... although, it's a Winter rose, so NOT spring yet!!
I wish it was though... it's really freezing cold here and it's only January, most of the times February is the coldest!

Ellen zei

Zo die hakt er even goed in zeg, wat een prachtige journaling bij zo'n schitterende winterroos !!
Hoop er deze week aan toe te komen want het zit even niet mee maar zin heb ik er alweer wel in !!