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donderdag 8 januari 2009

New skates and a lot of FUN!

Ingmar really needed new skates and I bought him these! He loves them, because his weak ankles will not let him down with these!
So....he's skating and having fun-fun-fun!
I also went skating!
I just love it!
Hope it will stay this way for a couple of day's.
Hug to all,

2 opmerkingen:

a portland granny zei

One of my favorite books when I was a child was "Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates" I believe he skated on the Zider Zee (?)

Looks like fun--do they flood the roads? or is that a body of water?

scrappy jen d zei

Dear Joan,
In earlier day's they were skating on the ZUIDER ZEE! That is what you mean! And YES! I also loved the Hans Brinker story.
How wonderful that you did read it....SOOOO FAR AWAY FROM THE NETHERLANDS!
Ingmar is skating here on the outdoor little skating-track. They do put layers of water on the grass, actually can see the grass under the ice, but....
Who cares? It's natural ice, hi,hi...