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vrijdag 9 januari 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE: week 2> 09 january 2009; ICE/IJS!

This second week the word is ICE!
It is COLD in The Netherlands and in parts of Europe!
Also in some States (USA) the snow and frost are causing some trouble.....
What do you have with ice?
Might be that you are in the sun right now.....enjoying an ice-cream, hi, hi.....
That is also an interesting way to enjoy ice.....
Do you liked ice as a kid?
Do you still like to be on ice or do you hate it?
I love to be on the ice in the open air! The natural ice is so wonderful! Ofcourse indoor skating is good, too, but to skate in nature.........I LOVE IT! So....that's why I did choose the word ICE!
How do you remember ice? can go each way.....the hard one or the sweet one.....
I think I'll go for both!
I am running now to make the second challenge!
Have fun and thank you for all your sweet comments,
hug for all,

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