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vrijdag 23 januari 2009

Welcome Mr. B. Obama!

This week was a very important one!
Not only for the US citizins, but for the whole world the new worldleader, Mr. Barack Obama, wrote HISTORY!
I hope the new president of the United States of America will stay who he is!
I also hope he will get to see his wife and two little girls as much as he wants (because he will get very busy!) and I hope he has some wise owls on his shoulder to help him with all the very difficult and delicate things.
I also hope Mr. Obama will stand up for children their rights all over the world!
With this LO I WELCOME him to be the first "black"president of the USA, but I also ask him to make the world a better place for children with difficulties and illnesses! Some kids can not stand up for their rights! They really need leaders who will protect them! So....Have mercy with them!
Have a good day,

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