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vrijdag 23 januari 2009

JEN'S CHALLENGE: week 4/ 23 januari 2009> YOUR WISH FOR OBAMA!

This week Mr. Obama got "on duty" for real!
And what for a DUTY!
I admire him for trying to make the world a better place!

I have a wish for him....
Or short to go....
I have some wishes for him!

The job has to be done, but it will be a very hard one and I hope Mr. Obama can keep his promises to the people, the nation and the world!

So, girls.....
Sorry for the late post, but it is still friday.....
Just got off the job!
Ate a little slice of garlic bread.....
I am off now! Going upstairs to make the challenge!
With a little luck I can blog it later tonight!

Have a nice evening,

Big hug to all of you,

3 opmerkingen:

Elly zei

Tjeetje Jen, dat wordt een moeilijke hoor!!! Ik moet trouwens zeggen dat ik je lootje voor Mr Obama echt helemaal fantastisch vind! Ik denk dat ik die maar als inspiratie ga gebruiken! En, alweer een beetje opgeknapt? Hier gaat het alweer wat beter, maar zóóó sloom, jaks, niks aan!
Ik ben benieuwd of je lootje er vanavond nog op komt, ik kom later nog wel weer even kijken!

a portland granny zei

What a nice welcome to President Obama. You have realism in your post, which many in America do not. He is being treated in some areas like the savior of mankind....and as I often remind some of my friends, he is only one man, and he will not be perfect. While I did not vote for him, I will support him in areas where I can, and pray that he exercises wisdom in the momentous decisions that he must make. I also pray that his family unit will be preserved well. He is certainly a dedicated family man and that must not change!

I've wondered what the rest of the world thinks of him--interesting to get your take. You know we are in a huge recession here in the states and unemployment is running high. It a little scary!

I'll be looking forward to your next challenge. Have loved what you have done so far.

Ellen zei

Zoo dat wordt een pittige maar erg leuk want ik bewonder de man zeker!!
Ben helemaal weg van je LO over Barack Obama echt super gedaan !!