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donderdag 21 mei 2009


Some day's ago we had a happy family visiting us. The children are in our daycare and they had some good news! BABY THREE is on the way! The kids had to ask us: "Is it possible that our new baby can come, too?"
You all can imagine that this visit was a very happy one, because this was such good news! And YES! Ofcourse we will take care of the baby in november!
So...Peter was thinking: the family has to toast on the baby-on-the-way! So he bought them a bottle of kids-champagne, so the expecting mommy can drink along, too.
I made two boxes and fill these with baby decorations (special De Ruijter baby muisjes), so they can eat and drink to the wonderful news! Last night Peter and myself did bring it over and they were so HAPPILY SURPRISED!
An early little baby-shower!
The boxes were designed by Moon and you can look them up in the magazine CARDS ONLY, number 7.
Kiss for all, Jen.

4 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Oh my gosh, this is too cute! Love it Jen!! Good news for them, good news for you both!!!
Very sweet of you to give them this gift!

a portland granny zei

What a cute idea!! I'm sure they were thrilled! Is your school open?? From your post it sounds like it is. If so, good for you for getting it all together so soon.

I loved your necklace also. It looks so bright and pretty.

I'm going to use your idea in some form when our new baby comes next month. It will be fun to take a fancy bottle of some bubbly to the hosptial when I go visit.

Riet zei

Wowwww Jen,wat is dit schitterend gemaakt lieverd.
Ben je heerlijk aan het knutselen,of ben je weer aan het rennen vliegen?

Dikke knuf schat,let een klein beetje op je zelf lieverd.
Dikke knuffel

Riet zei

Hoi Jen,

Ik had een vraagje. Mijn blog doet al heel de dag raar. Nu heb ik een nieuw kaartje erop gezet, maar ik zie die niet bij jou in de lijst staan (zijkant van je blog). Kan jij wel mijn kaart zien en een reactie geven?