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vrijdag 15 mei 2009

Sweet......a cookie-pie!

A couple of day's ago Jeanet had a nice recipe for a cookie-pie on her blog: a "bokkepootjes"-pie. Bokkepootjes are real Dutch cookie's and they are lovely!
But in a pie like this.....Must be heaven to eat it!
So.....I made one last night and the boys??? They LOVE it!
Jeanet, dear..thank you for sharing this recipe with all of us!
Hug to all of you,

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a portland granny zei

That is looking just delectable!! Any chance you can send me the recipe in cups, teaspoons, etc??That looks like something i could "wow" the family with on our next get-together!!

Thanks for sharing.

Riet zei

Ik krijg trek Jen,heerlijk zeg.
Eetsmakelijk jullie.

Liefs Riet.xx

**SCRAP-GEK** zei

Oooooooh hij is lekker he Jenn!!! Yummie! Ik heb hem voor moederdag ook gemaakt en ooooh my god...wat lekker!!! Wel heel machtig!!! hihihihi! Groetjes Marije.