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zondag 11 mei 2008


This is what I made for my mother. A little hanger with her favorites: her grandsons!
The next one I will make a little different.....
But this was a try-out and my mom loved it!
So....My boy's made me quite some pretty things, too!
Hope you have had a nice sunday and enjoy the monday as well!
Bye, bye.....

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namesconnie zei

Hi Jenny, Thanks for the comment on my blog. I liked what you made for your mom for Mother's Day here. How thoughtful of you. I love to take photos and someday hope to do some scrapbook work myself. Your site motivates me to try my hand at it. Good job. Sincerely, Connie (Oh and happy belated Mother's Day to you, too. I have two kids a boy and girl almost grown.)