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woensdag 7 mei 2008

Paper Challenge, week 19: Details.

I love the details in FASHION! I love the clothes ladies wore in the thirty's and forty's.
Also the petticoats and the polka dots are on my list, but I did find a very old photo of my grandma and her friends: all dressed up with gloves, hads, silk stockings and pretty shoes......
I like the detailled lace that Marjolein did sent me over from Canada, I love the flowers, the detailled photocorner and I love the details in the paper I used.
I think I am a person who loves DETAILS!
When I walk outside, I always see more and more....When I am drawing or painting I use my detailled gift!
I am a detailled woman......

5 opmerkingen:

EliseBlaha zei

looks great!

Marjolein zei

ooooh Jen, I love this! Love the old photo, love "my" lace ha, ha, love all the DETAILS on your page. That photocorner, wow, that's just awesome!

Melanie zei

Oh my! You have been very busy!
I love your Maui book! The crochet is beautiful!

Je@net zei

Wauw Jen, dat ziet er gaaf uit joh!!
En je boekje uit de vorige post, vind ik ook al zo super! Gaaf met die gehaakte rand!

Jammer dat je er zaterdag niet bij kunt zijn in Doorn!! Had je graag ontmoet!! Maar wie weet.....we komen elkaar vast nog een keer tegen!

mary zei

love this! what a beautiful page and a beautiful way to interpret "the details"!