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vrijdag 19 september 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: operation 38> FALL.

This week Elise choose the word FALL......Fall to me is wonderful, because I love the colors that autumn brings a long and all the nice things, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Dutch Sint Maarten and the coming of the Dutch Saint Nicolaas by boat.
I love my tiny mushrooms in the yard, the smell of leaves on the mud, my pumpkins, our grapes, our tomatoes and our little hedgehog, who is finding him a place to sleep during wintertime........
I do not like the rains during the Fall-time, but what to do?
Untill now, we can not complain.......
So, let's celebrate FALL and all what comes with it!
Enjoy, Jen.

2 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Wow... great job Jen, looks really nice with all the fall colors!!
Everything ok??

Je@net zei

Hi Jen, ziet er gaaf uit meis!! Prachtig hoor!!