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zaterdag 13 september 2008

Terrible that this has happened!

Yesterday the appartments in our street were closed because of a very dangerous situation.
They did not work on the project for allready three weeks and we all wondered: WHAT's WRONG?
So the people in the neighberhood went to a special meeting with the oldermen of our city and asked them: Is there a dangerous situation?
That was not the case, they told us. My husband was there and now......
We can't believe this!!! For three weeks we did breath the poissen!
Our children did play here! We ate home grown strawberry's and tomatoes........And now we know that this poisson can give us CANCER.....
Not right away, but perhaps in 10 or more years.......
Some women cried there heart out because they are so scared about the young children who played here.......
It is very sad and terrible! Twice a day a car comes and spray's the left overs of this building, but the sun is warm and the wind is strong, so the water is gone within minutes.......
We have to wait saturday and sunday before the city will do something!
Can you believe this???
I mean....When the health of citizen is on the case?
Come on, rulers of our city! You do not live in this town....You are save and far away, because you do not wish to live here! Stand up for our rights! We pay a lot of city-taxes here and for what?
I hope they can take away the terrible fear from some of us!

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