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maandag 8 september 2008

Poor Björnieboy.......

We had hoped that the injection would be the last one last night for Björn.
When we took him to the hospital this morning.....
What a disappointment......
No walking-plaster for Björn, because the foot was not okay at all.....
And an ugly wound on his heel!
Poor darling....
I really cried my heart out when nobody could see it.
So....Another week in bed for Björn and another week injections!
Next week we have to go back and our doctor will visit Björn coming wednesday to check on the wound. I hope for the best.......
The only thing I can do now is nurse hime and give him all I can.

3 opmerkingen:

Elly zei

Owww.... wat doet dit je moederhart pijn...., ook ik vind dit hartverscheurend om te zien en te lezen, arme jongen! Mijn middelste heeft ooit eens (ja, maar 1 keertje, dus dat stelt eigenlijk helemaal niets voor!) in het ziekenhuis gelegen, maar poeh.... dat viel niet mee als moeder zijnde! Ik hoop dat z'n wond gauw geneest en dat hij z'n loopgips krijgt!

a portland granny zei

I left you a long comment, but because I can't read right, I lost it. Anyway, to recap--I love your cards. You make wonderful scrapbook pages, so why not your cards also.

Also sorry about Bjorn and his open sore. That is hard to deal with. My heart is sore with your over this new development.

You are wonderful, caring parents and I know having Bjorn in your lives has added to your care and understanding for others.

I think of you often and pray for continued strength and patience as you do all you have to do.

namesconnie zei

Sorry for what you son, Bjorn, is going through and you all too with Bjorn's foot trouble. I hope he heals up quickly. I know it is tough when our kids have troubles, that is for sure.

I also wanted to say that I looked at your blog and saw so many creative things you are doing. I loved the little box you covered, the scrap cards, (and the Halloween ones were great) and I think that was a nice birthday scrapbooking party you gave with the girls. What a great idea. I also read you would have a daycare soon? I think you are such a kind and loving family that it will work out wonderful for you all. Keep taking good care and I will keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers. Sincerely, Connie